Big surprise in version 3064

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Big surprise in version 3064

Postby sphinxfan » Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:06 am

Big surprise in version 3064
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1. New Epic Hero package, you are guaranteed an Epic card for every 10 times that you summon.
2. Pray System.
Pray to the Goddess and offer your tribute to obtain soul of certain heroes. You can pray one time every day by using Gems or Gold.
Gold prayer: you can obtain 1-2 souls.
Gems prayer: you can obtain 2-3 souls.
Bless Meter raises after every prayer. When it's full, Goddess will grace you with more souls your next prayer.
3. Color Blind Mode!!
Can now be found in Menu -- System.
Any other suggestions, just contact us, our developers are ready. :D

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