What’s new in 3082

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What’s new in 3082

Postby sphinxfan » Mon Mar 07, 2016 11:54 pm

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What’s new in 3082
1. Guild feature is available now!
Players now can choose to create a guild or join other’s guild.
Chat feature now is available in guild.
2. Guild Dungeon
When guild member number reaches 15 unlocks Guild Dungeon feature.
Join Guild Dungeons to win gems, gold, hero souls and guild coins.
3. Guild Shop
Now you can use guild coins to exchange various kinds of basic resources.
4. Guild Gift System
Now you may obtain Guild Gifts in Guild Dungeon battles, you can share Guild Gifts with your Guild members, and your Guild members can claim rewards for free.
5. Now these heroes join the Ancient Box forever!
Sea Dragon of Abyss – Ryu, Epic Water Class Ranger
Flame Dragoon – Leonardo, Epic Fire Class Warrior
Lord of Damnation – Rahl, Epic Wind Class Mage
Templar Captain – Jessie, Epic Earth Class Priest

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