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What’s new in 3085

Postby sphinxfan » Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:08 pm

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What’s new in 3085
1. Awakening Feature
The Awakening Feature is now available! You can use element crystals to release your heroes’ full potential to raise their stats and update their skills!
2. Now you can get Ore from the Mine
Crude Ore is the material for combining element crystals, so you can now get it from the Mine.
3. Arcane Mines of Dwarves
Added Arcane Mines of Dwarves feature on the Summon Page. You can get the materials for Awakening from it.
4. More!
Increased the Mine production.
Increased the capacity of Skill Points from 60 to 100.

Here is a list of heroes that can be awakened currently
Nordgard Axeman
The Nordgard Colossus - Baal
Fortress Conqueror - Nono
Sea Serpent - Hisspis
Dendrian Talon Scout
Carnage' model V-400
Swamp Sprite
Sarini Trickster
Sarah -The Sharpshooter
The Jungle Striker - Alexis
Three-headed Soul Hound
Elf King - Haran
Domine of Underworld - Hades
Valorian Spell Weaver
Haitan Tide Caller
The Tinkering Witch - Roxy
Lord of Damnation - Rahl
Song of Seduction - Siren
The double headed eagle - Besti
Death of Fire - Ameera
Reaper of Souls - Hel
Orc Priest - Kolos
Haitan Purifier
Meredith - The Heart of Ocean
Templar Captain - Jessie
Holy Guardian - Marian
:D :D :D :D :D

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