What's new in 3080

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What's new in 3080

Postby sphinxfan » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:27 am

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What’s new in 3088
1. Fixed the power score issue of Awakening Preview.
2. Fixed bug with Dendrian Dryad’s active skill.
3. Second round of Awakenable Heroes are now available.
4. Modified difficulty of Guild Dungeons.
5. Guild Dungeon enemies can now be affected by debuffs, but will still be immune to poisoning.

Second round Awakenable Heroes List:
Nordgard Defender - Aric
Dwarven Soldier
Giant Turtle - Moore
Dwarven Mechanic
Brutish Bulldozer
West Garrison General - Grace
Chief of the Western Tribes - Bolton
Nordgard Archer - Selina
Valorian Archer
Nordgard Prowler
Spider Queen - Adena
Goblin Snatcher
The Arctic Pirate - Jane
Rogue Warrior - Elton
Fire Wraith
Guardian of Earth - Goliath
Sarini Windcaller
Haitan Lurcher
Sarini Thornsnapper
Flamedancer - Morgana
Haitan Lance Guard
Flamer' model X-100
Troll Occultist
Dendrian Dryad
Valorian Paladin
Fire Temple Guardian - Ashbel
Elf Queen – Sylvia

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