"Hello Collection Event" Winner List

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"Hello Collection Event" Winner List

Postby sphinxfan » Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:52 am

Dear Summoners,
Thanks for taking part in the Hero Collection Event. After 2 days of team discussion, we've decide to adopt the following suggestions in the near future!
We may make some small changes on your suggestions, maybe the names or the numbers. But we will remain the most part.
The rewards will be sent to the event winners within 24 hours.
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1. WeasleyIsOurKing
ID: 67Z115840
1. “Deathblow” or “Heat Sinker” – a strong attack that always finds and hits the opponent with lowest remaining HP, regardless of position.
2. Skill: “Splash Damage” or “Nuke” – deals the most damage to enemy directly in front, and 50% (or some fraction) to adjacent opponents.

1. Pantheon
ID: 67Z207656
Mutation- upon receiving killing blow increase all stats by X% and stay undead (unkillable) for X seconds. Dies after time expires.

3. Absentient
ID: 67Z36794
1. Dying theft.. Hero has chance to steal an opponent’s monster below 10% hp when that hero dies.
2. Banished.. Opponent’s monster disappears for an amount of time
3. Impaired vison.. Opponent is blinded and has chance to miss.

ID: 67Z147228
1. Sacrifice: Hero sacrifices himself to create an absorbing shield for all his ally’s equal to his remaining life points.
2. Teleport: Teammate with lowest HP changes place with Teammate with highest HP. Teammate with lowest HP is healed by X per s for X s.
3. Grow: Hero grows bigger for X s increasing his attack by X and striking two enemies instead of one.

ID: 67Z184942
1. Enrage: Hero draws attacks to itself from all opponent’s heroes for x amount of time.
2. Level the playing field – Hero removes all buffs and defbuffs on all heroes on both sides.

6. Psycho - aS9ezh
ID: 67Z242427
1. Bottomless void of inhumanity: double strike the same enemy (first mag atk leeches a small portion of life, second pkys atk slows the target for few sec;)
2. Ruthless malignancy: two random strike (not on the same target) one phys and one mag (both a percentage of respective statistics) on any normal atks.

ID: 67Z40017
Theme: Japanese Lore
Theme: Japanese Lore
We loved your theme suggestion! We wanted to make the theme a little bigger, so we decide to grow it into a new mythology theme.

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