For the developers: How to make people spend more money in the game

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For the developers: How to make people spend more money in the game

Postby 1stSpade » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:01 am

This might be something that some users don't like to read, but the game exists because of us that spend money in the game. No money spenders means no game, so it is very important that the developers make things that makes people want to spend money and that the money spenders feel like they got something worth it when they spend money so they will do it again.

The VIP system is a very good idea. It worked pretty well when the game was new, even though the top level costs too much to get to (around $ 10,000). Since this is so very important it has to be maintained. The extra 1000 Element Ore for VIP 7 was a very good addition. But that is the only addition in 3 years and it simply isn't good enough. The adding of 50 plunders for free for all users took away the main reason for getting a higher VIP, so you need to give something else for the money users instead. The previous super good Morgana has also lost her value totally, so getting to higher than VIP7 is not worth anything (and you can pray for her to become 6 star). Morgana should in my opinion always be upgraded to be the strongest caster or at least among them. Or you should give another hero for VIP 8/9/10. If you add another hero, this should of course be given for free to players that has already reached the VIP that it qualifies for.

What else to add for the VIP: Very simply you can start with giving 1 gem for each VIP level at the start of each week if you log in during the week. VIP3 gives 3 gems per week and VIP 7 gives 7 gems per week. This is not a big addition, but it makes people want to get to higher VIP early on and spend money sooner. In addition you should give 100.000 in gold for each VIP level at the end of the week or similar daily based on VIP level.

It sounded very good when you offered a Legendary for spending any money in the game. But giving Ameera is working against making people spending more money. Ameera is totally useless and if I got that as my first Legendary I would never feel like spending money again. The least you should do is giving a random Legendary!

Now you can spend $ 1000 in the game and get nothing. When I say nothing, I consider Rare heroes nothing. I have spend up to 12000 gems without getting even an Epic hero and when that happens I think that I will never ever spend a cent in the game again (which I have still done after a few month, but others would probably not spend more and even quit the game). This you HAVE TO do something about. For each 450 gems spend I suggest that you give a Legendary Soul essence. They you will at least get something for each 450 spend. You could very well also have one random Legendary for each 250 draws as you do for Soul Box and Epic heroes added (it would be nice for both places to add that you can get 5 soul essences instead of the hero you get since getting a Legendary you don't need is totally worthless).

I think you had a bonus in the guild for money spend in the start. This you should have kept. If necessary keep it anonymous as an option.

And last: Don't ever make heros that people has spend a lot of money for weaker without giving a compensation. I spent a fortune to get Anubis on all my accounts and when you took away his strength after I had spend thousand of dollars I felt like being robbed. Many users ended up claiming money back and that is a place you never want to go back to. Test new heroes well and long before releasing them!

This game has so many good things with it. Please think long term when you decide what players will get for their money. Happy customers are what keeps a game alive!
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Re: For the developers: How to make people spend more money in the game

Postby Tireksio » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:36 pm

Not agree.. if u spent money somewhere than u expect quality, in this case ur money will make difference in ur playing.. because of ur ridiculous clones players community suffer structural dmg, development struggle in new options and popularity is going down.. I can pay but for good product not extension for couple wks.. that doesn't work.. and is not attractive even for newbies.. from this reason in other games developers start with story (with flexibility to extend) than they start events where competition is only additional possibility to show to the world players invention.. what u will show to the world with ur clones? That u can use almost this same squad multiple times on this same opponent? Hahaha.. invention..

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