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Re: Guardian Of Earth Goliath

Postby ProvidenceG » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:58 am

1stSpade wrote:
Hanzo is very good. He kills Anubis faster than anyone and he dodges hits pretty well. He can be the best attacking hero of them all.

Cetra is the hero you want most of all now. She is also very good for awakening. But Cobolt is maybe even better since he takes away the protection from Thrack when he is awakened. So my order for water awakening would be Cobolt/Cetra/Steel

For fire Thrack is the best, at least for a casting team. Smauke is also very good if you ever will get that one. Morgana isn't as good as Anubis and isn't really worth it (Which is a shame when you know how much it takes to get her).

Having Rahl and Anubis as your two first to awaken is very good. They both perform very good. I would consider Hanzo before Rahl if I got both, but Rahl is very, very good.

I completely agree with you Spade. 1st step is to get Cetra to solve my problems, then it's to obtain Thrack or Smauke but Thrack is who I want. Getting Cetra is my number one priority then it's to obtain Cobolt and onto thrack.

I am still using my Scorpion in a ton of fights because Rahl just can't take down multi healer defensive teams, he doesn't burst and makes the whole team gain energy when he activates his ability. He does do a lot of dps but he allows for teams to heal. I'd like to use my first set of awakenings for Cobolt, Thrack, Rahl, and Anubis.

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