Valentines Day Event Strategy

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Re: Valentines Day Event Strategy

Postby ProvidenceG » Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:56 am

I apologize for writing in a such a manner. It was rudely put.
As for the aspect of your heroes being too squishy, I think in time you might want to switch out carnage model then unless you decide to put more stones into his equipment for hp and mag def.

There was a player Pzar who was in the running for top10-20 in Arena. He ran an all rare team except a Garrison. His team also had a Scorpion in back with Carnage in front. It was quite difficult to beat him even before I obtained Mason, Rahl or then Anubis. That was my experience with the hero. Rangers tend to be the second most vulnerable front row heroes but with the right equipment their speed and dmg take out the threat before it happens and healer support.

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Re: Valentines Day Event Strategy

Postby Facade » Sun Feb 19, 2017 3:31 am

I really do appreciate your response and input. You are one of only a few active people here and your experience and insight is valuable. I have fully upgraded blue gear for all my rare heroes, and purple gear nearly fully upgraded on my epic heroes.

I am currently rank 22'nd in arena and i've been as high as 17th. The people at this rank are around 10k points. Im at 7.7k and I still sometimes win with good positioning.
In call of the empress I held 20th place for most of the week, but ended 30th when the big point people saw me as an easy target due to my low points.

I'm also rank 4 currently in Boss. I'd say this is all pretty good for only playing about a week now.

I wish I could show you just how many matches I've won against someone 2k points higher by hiding my Carnage behind my Aric and positioning him so he doesn't get hit by back row hitters. The fights often come down to me having 4 dead and them having 4 alive, and that Carnage just tears them apart while Aric self heals and I end up winning.
I used to run Bog beast for even more burst before I got my Meredith and Estelle. Now I'm trying to move away from burst/physical and go caster team. It will take time. But yes, I plan to switch Carnage out. I will eventually get Rahl, but I also want Cobolt and Cetra/Vergo but that may or may not ever happen.

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Re: Valentines Day Event Strategy

Postby ProvidenceG » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:44 am

That's good to hear you're progressing well. Yes it isn't about team scores alone, you can even take out someone with double with team score if you implement the right counter heroes and positioning.

It's good you got rid of Bog Beast as well, I had him up until around level90. He's just not the best. Work towards a Cetra or more easily obtainable Virgo. She is where my team really started to take off.

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