How to start a second account and why

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How to start a second account and why

Postby 1stSpade » Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:34 am

By accident I got a second account very early on and I found it pretty entertaining to have more than one account.

There is two ways to do this. First be sure to connect your account with Facebook (you can remove this connection later to avoid tons of crashes). Then you can either use a second device to add an account using your Facebook login or you can delete your game and reinstall it on your device. Just BE SURE to have the Facebook connection, so your game is not deleted.

Why do it?
You can test more on your second account
You have something to do when your stamina is used up
You will get free draws more often

Why not do it?
You can't transfer anything between accounts
You will end up spending more time
You might end up spending more money

I would suggest starting more than one account if you are a free player for sure. And I would do it as soon as possible. Then you go with the account that is getting most lucky. For paying players I would suggest doing it too and if your new account is very lucky, you might change to this one.
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