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*READ BEFORE POSTING* Rules for the Sphinx Entertainment forums.
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Forum Rules

Postby Talizorah » Thu Apr 02, 2015 6:51 pm

Sphinx Forum Rules
1. Be responsible with your account; do not share your login information. You are responsible for any actions taken with your account.

2. Accounts being used to steal personal information will be banned.

3. Arguing on the Forum is prohibited and all complaints should be addressed using either the Email or Private Mail options. Please contact a Forum Moderator or Forum Admin if you have an issue with another player on the Forum.

4. All posts and topics should be free if any content that may be considered offensive, including but not limited to: racism, threats, xxx, drugs, and alcohol. A diverse audience uses the Forum and it is important to keep the Forum suitable for users of all ages.

5. Profanity, trolling, and inciting others to break the rues is prohibited. The use of “*$@#” or any combination of similar characters will be considered offensive. Any method used to bypass the filter is also prohibited.

6. Spamming is not allowed and is defined as follows: advertising for other websites not related to Galaxy at War Online or Game of Summoners, advertising for your alliance in a forum other than the Alliance Forum, excessive duplicate topics or posts, use of excessive letters, capital letters, emoji or color to draw attention to your topic or post, and any other topic or post that contains offensive material.

7. The use of bots to post advertisements or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. Any account determined to be a bot or linked to the use of a bot on the Forum will be banned.

8. Please do not post Galaxy at War Online coordinates on the Forum. If you wish to share a players coordinates, please use Email or Private Message options. The use of photo-editing software or apps to remove coordinates from reports you wish to upload to the Forum is acceptable.

9. Forum Moderators will have their name displayed in yellow; GAW/GOS Moderators and Forum Admins will have their name displayed in red. If a Forum user’s name is not either red or yellow, he is not a Forum Moderator or Admin.

10. When reporting an in-game issue, please provide your commander name and server. Login information is NOT required; do not post it!

11. Harassment (determined by Forum Admin and/or Dev Team) is a severe offense and will result in a ban.

12. Please send all Chat Moderator and Forum Moderator complaints to For Chat Moderator complaints, the following information is required: Commander name and server for both sides, reason of appeal, date and time of occurrence or screenshot(s). For Forum Moderator complaints, the following information is required: Forum name for both sides, an explanation of the issue and a link to the topic or post(s) or screenshot(s).

13. If you find a topic or post that violates the Forum Rules, please flag the topic or post and provide the reason to alert the Forum Moderators to the issue.

14. Inappropriate Forum Account names are not permitted and will be banned. All bans will include a reason.

15. Warnings or bans will be given depending on the severity of the rule break and may be temporary or permanent; the Sphinx Support Team decides this. Typically a post breaking the rule will be deleted and the user will receive a warning. Accumulating 3 warnings will result in a 1 week ban. Please contact the Board Administrator ( if no reason was given or if you feel you have been wrongly warned or banned.

It is our goal to make sure your experience on the Sphinx Forum is enjoyable. Please contact a Forum Moderator or Admin if you have any questions or concerns.

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