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Kingdom Rules

Postby sphinxfan » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:25 am

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1. Sphinx Entertainment is not responsible for lost/stolen account information; protect yourself by avoiding sharing your login information.

2. All players must maintain appropriate behavior free from content that may be considered offensive including but not limited to trolling, racism, profanity, threats, sexual content, drugs, and alcohol. We would like to keep the game suitable for all ages.

3. Spamming is not allowed; anything posted in excessive repetition to gain attention, disturb others, or disrupt the flow of chat is spamming.

4. Posting coordinates can cause harm to the fairness of game play and is not allowed in kingdom chat.

5. Recruiting for other games and posting links to web pages that are not the property of Sphinx Entertainment is also against the rules.

6. Arguing on global chat is prohibited and all complaints should be addressed using Mail or "contact support". You may also request to speak with the Head directly regarding moderator conduct.

7. An inappropriate Lord name, alliance name, or bio will result mute until changed to follow the rules listed above.

8. All players will receive 2 warnings for rule infractions in Kingdom chat, third infractions will result in a mute. Exceptions to this rule are determined by the Head Mod and/or Support Team.

Thanks for playing!

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