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What's new in 1220

Postby TheFly » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:18 pm

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1. Added Strategy System
The Strategy system is the biggest reward for warmongers, every unit flowed blood in combat will be a glorious record! Each update of Strategy system will unlock new skills for you, you can choose the skill you like to active.
Here are the details for 4 new skills in Strategy system:
All troops Attack increases by X points in next battle.
By disguising as a NPC to avoid opponent's sight, lasts for X minutes.
Once you win in next battle, conqueror flag will be planted on opponent's Castle for X hours, opponent Marching Speed will be slowed down by X%.
Outstanding strong will, which heals X units in the Hospital immediately.

You need blood points to launch Strategies, followings are the way to obtain blood points:
(1) Killing NPC units to earn blood points.
(2) Killing players' units will provide you more blood points. You can send the extra blood points you earned from killing players' units to all your alliance members.
(3) Whatever the battle results are, your units injured or died in battle also provide you blood points.
Skills will upgraded automatically without costing blood points when skills repeatedly used.
It is important to aware that you will maximize blood points only when fighting with players who have similar power with yours.

So there are a total of 4 skills, it’s easy to obtain blood points in game. And it costs 15 days to unlock all these 4 skills in general if you are active in game .So it won’t really matter which skill do you choose to unlock first.

2. Added Boost System Button
We added a new Boost Button under your avatar, now you are able to view all boosts details by clicking button.

3. Improved Maps Switching
Now you are able to switch to strategy map directly from both inner city map and world map.


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