Make it real guys.

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Make it real guys.

Postby Lord..Flintlock » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:32 pm

This game, is off to a great start. Problems? Loads. But it's a mobile game and no one seems to care how their games work. I want to change that for this one, because you guys are new. And for 2017 you need the ideas.

*Is there a river around a castle in every single castle on this game? Omg that's a lot of rivers. Guys why even have the river?? It's purely lame. Get rid of it. (Why can't you just have fields or simply trees?) boom fixed.

*When you load into the game, you see the picture of the army attacking the castle. The soldiers arm moves, along with the fire further into the picture; why does it need to? It simply makes loading longer. Take that away, make it a picture. Wouldn't be as lame.

*Bam you're not into your game with your castle in front of you. First off what do you want to see? Well I want to see every inch of land I have so I can focus on what I want to work on first. (This means zoom out on that castle.) ((It also means after you take the river out, you place the farms with fields alllll around your castle. Along with the lumber mills having clumps of trees leading to the main forrest around your fields/castle lands.))

*Alright so after all that if fixed it'd be such an improvement!! Now we talk about the inside of your castle. ** Why oh why make it the same as them all and have your main keep/castle higher than the rest of the buildings. Yes in the days back then it was true but let's not. Too many games do this. Place it in the center of your walls. Military buildings around it and city such outside of that near the walls. This placement is just more... Real. And your players want that Real Kingdom in front of them. (The watch tower is connected to your castle guys. So just incorporate a larger tower on your castle you can upgrade.)

We want to be able to control who our troop units attack. Just like... There's a game like that.. You can control where your troops move and such. What YOU guys should do in the future maybe a whole new game but, focus on allowing archers/spearman on the walls. So that you chose what walls are defended. If they're breached you have your Calvary and infantry to send to fill the gap. Obviously this means you choose how to attack. It'd be beautiful.
Because in real life, armies were controlled by military generals. Not by being given a letter on how many troops of yours died. (( what's with if one side wins they don't reserve casualties? What was their kill rate to a man? .001??))

Math algorithms people!

Peace guys. I'll have more

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