Drilling Ground. Military Details.

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Drilling Ground. Military Details.

Postby Lord..Flintlock » Wed Aug 31, 2016 12:36 pm

Hey guys, first off it's a bad load out. You go into the Drilling Ground and first thing you see is this thin scroll that you have to scroll through in order to see our troops. No no no it's horrible. Flip it to the left horrizontaly and allow us to see every troop based off of lvls below the troop itself.

Infantry. Light Cav. Hev Cav. Archers. Catipults.
Lvl 1. Lvl 1. Lvl 1. Lvl 1. Lvl 1.
Lvl 2. Lvl 2. Lvl 2. Lvl 2. Lvl 2.
Lvl 3.
Lvl 4.
So on.
(Where the (lvl#s) are, are the number of troops you have. Just allow us to view it at a side angle. Without scrolling at all.

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