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New Commander Rewards

Postby admin » Wed May 22, 2013 7:37 pm

New Commander Pack
Attack Advantage (1Days)
Armor Hardening (1Days)
Superior Shields (1Days)
Cargo Capacity (1Days)
Fuel Efficiency (1Days)

Bonus Builder
The more consecutive days you login, the better the rewards that can be claimed.
1st day:Metal10000,Crystals 5000,Gas 2500
2nd day:Metal20000,Crystals 10000,Gas 5000
3rd day:Metal30000,Crystals 15000,Gas 7500
4th day:Metal40000,Crystals 20000,Gas 10000
5th day:Metal50000,Crystals 25000,Gas 12500
6th day:Metal60000,Crystals 30000,Gas 15000
7th day: 200 Dark Matters

Daily Lottery
Every day you log in, you can receive one free “Interstellar lottery card”.

Get Your Free Planet Skin!
Purchase at least 1000 dark matters within 15 days of your account activation and you will recieve a free planet skin (Face of Death) worth 200 dark matters.

Online Bonus
Within 7 days of your account activation and stay online long enough to earn bonus rewards:
5 minutes: Metal 10000
15 minutes: Crystals 5000
30 minutes: Metal 20000
45 minutes: Crystals 10000
60 minutes: Gas 3000

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