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New update 1.2.8 is coming!!

Posted: Thu May 30, 2013 9:34 am
by Support Team
A new update(1.2.8) will be released tomorrow, will take several minutes to download 128 files for upgrading, change log as blow:

Bugs Fixed:
1. Chatting display.
2. Part of task description.
3. Login reward.
4. Some UI display issues.

Features Added:
1. Combat record display in personal UI(Win,Lose,Draw)
2. Notification when you attacking ally or friend's planet
3. Online status of your ally and friends
4. Alliance mail for all members (was only for creator of alliance)
5. Target planet warning by coloring name
6. Display improvement effect of ships through upgrade Weapons Tech, Shields Teach, Armor Teach.
7. Detail of Free Gifts.
8. Events Display.

1. Optimize tutorial.
2. Simplify Task.
3. Change Bunker from amount protection to percentage protection.
4. Change default resources protection from 50% to 40%.
5. Reduce resource requirement of alliance creation.
6. Remove Speed ups for fleets.

Dev Team