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Server Merging Announcement【Sagittarius+ 中文 01】

Posted: Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:07 pm
by sphinx.frank
Dear commanders,

Galaxy at War will officially merge two servers 【Sagittarius+ 中文 01】 at May 5 2014 00:00 (PST). The merging will take approximately 3 hours. Commanders will not able to login during the merging, please be prepared for the merging. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
We will inform you for any changes on merging time on Facebook and Forum, thank you for your understanding.
Servers to be merged: 【Sagittarius + 中文 01】
Name of merged server: Sagittarius
Time of merging: May 5 2014 00:00 (PST)~May 5 2014 03:00 (PST)
All players from these two servers will obtain a 24 hours Armistice Agreement and three Relocation Cards.
【Merging Rules】
1. Sagittarius will be as target server, players from 中文 01 will be merged into Sagittarius.
2. Commander names from Sagittarius will be kept without any change after merging, players from 中文 01 will have their choice to pick an account (for players with multiple accounts) to enter new server. Players from 中文 01 will have a chance to change their names if they have the same name with Sagittarius players.
3. Alliance names from Sagittarius will be kept, a suffix will be automatically added on same alliance names from 中文 01. E.g. Alliance name <apple> will be renamed as <apple001> after merging. These renamed alliances will have a chance to change their alliance name by contacting our support team through Feedback.
4. Planets from Sagittarius stay in original coordinates, Planets from 中文 01 will be placed to the extended galaxies according to their original positions. E.g. The furthest galaxy in Sagittarius is 13-1-1, planets from 中文 01 will be placed from 14-1-1.
5. All ongoing fleets from these two servers will be returned to planets where they are sent during the merging.
6. For new commanders who are in 中文 01, you will be required to redo some tasks which have been completed but rewards have not been claimed.
7. All mails and messages will be removed after merging.
8. Players with multiple accounts in both servers will be able to select one account to enter for every login.
9. Default server for 中文 01 players will be current recommend server after merging, please switch to server Sagittarius manually.