Some freshers' tips

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Some freshers' tips

Postby wildztt » Wed May 28, 2014 2:57 am

Some basic game information:
Max level of each building:
Metal mine 34
Crystal mine 34
Gas plant 34
Solar plant 35
Robotic factory 21
Shipyard 21
Research lab 21
Fusion reactor 23
Radar station 20
Metal storage 21
Crystal storage 21
Gas tank 21
Underground bunker 15
Nanite factory 3
Alliance depot 4

Planet abandon rule:
The planet couldn’t be abandoned if any one of the following conditions is met: 1. You have research started from the planet you want to abandon; 2. You have fleet deployed on the planet; 3. You have ship on that planet. 4. You have fleet on duty from that planet. 5. You have this planet’s fleets deployed on other planet. And the home planet couldn’t be abandoned

Being attacked after used armistices agreement is because the attacker’s fleet was sent before the armistice agreement was used.

Attack rule:
Players whose score are under 50k couldn’t attack or be attacked by others whose score is 5 times higher or lower than his but if players’ score is higher than 50k they could attack each other with no rule.

Only 70% resources will be returned if you cancel a research, construction or production.

The arrival time of a joint attack depends on the slowest player, but return time depends on your own. So better be careful when saving fleet.

Fleets deployed on other player’s planet will automatically return if that player didn’t login for a week.

Commander names couldn’t be changed so make sure you have input your commander name….

Repair ship doesn’t make score but destroyed ships will decrease the score and that may make someone with high tech but no ship….

Temporary account alert: temporary accounts attach to the device, once lost by breaking the device or losing the device, it will be gone forever…. I know someone who did it…. By dropping his phone in the pool…

Maybe not very accurate... forgive my mistakes.
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Re: Some freshers' tips

Postby guanguan » Wed May 28, 2014 2:59 am

sofa get!!!!

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