Comprehensive Guide (Updated 10/01/15)

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Comprehensive Guide (Updated 10/01/15)

Postby Heliod » Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:04 pm

Comprehensive Guide

1) Terms used in game
2) Tactics
3) Leveling
4) Useful Information

1) Terms/Acronyms

1.1 LF- Light Fighter, good as fodder.

1.2 HF- Heavy Fighter, expensive fodder, not efficient.

1.3 CR- Cruiser, Good for clearing out Light Fighters.

1.4 BS- Battleship, doesnt Rapid Fire relevant units, high gas consumption.

1.5 B- Bomber, Good at clearing out Rockets, Light and Heavy Lasers, and Ion Cannons.

1.6 DN- Dreadnought, Good at clearing out Heavy Fighters, Cruisers, and Battleships, also they are fast and consume minimal gas compared to Battleships.

1.7 DR- Destroyer, Good at clearing out Dreadnoughts and required to beat other Fleets that have destroyers.

1.8 DS- Death Star, good for fleetsaves, too slow to catch fleets.

1.9 LC- Large Cargo Ship, transport Res.

1.10 RV- Recovery Vehicle, collect debris.

1.11 SF- Super Freighter, Faster and hold more Res than Large Cargo.

1.12 LR- Large Recovery Ship, faster and hold more res than Recovery Vehicles.

1.13 MC- Missile Chaser, good at clearing out Light Fighters, Heavy Fighters, Cruisers, Battleships, Bombers, and Dreadnoughts. Superior to the Destroyer in its usefulness.

1.14 Res/Ress- Resources

1.15 Quartz- used in modifications to make Super Freighters, Large
Recovery Ships and Missile Chasers out of other ships.

1.16 Satellite/Moon- Large Battles will sometimes generate a Satellite (up to a 20% chance), you can mine Quartz here.

1.17 Space Station- Created by an alliance Admiral, alliance players can donate Res to gain Contribution Points, which in turn can be used to buy Blue Prints for building Super Freighters, Large Recover Ships, and Missile Chasers. Has other uses too.

1.18 FS- Fleetsave, evasive tactic, see tactics section

1.19 JTFS- Joint Fleetsave, see tactics section

1.20 Ghosting- Hunting Tactic, see tactics section

1.21 Fishing- Hunting Tactic, see tactics section

1.22 Counterattacking- Hunting Tactic, see tactics section

1.23 Turtling- Defensive Tactic, see tactics section

1.24 RF- Rapid Fire, see tactics section

1.25 PM- Private Message

1.26 AC- Allied Chat

1.27 GC- Global Chat

1.28 Farm- a player that is used as a source of res, usually against their will

1.29 Alt- Alternate Profile, used usually as personal farms, as a spy in another alliance, or as an alias to talk in global

2) Tactics

2.1 Fleet and Joint Fleetsave

Fleet Saving(FS) is the most important thing you can learn in this game. Learn it and do it religiously. To FS, choose a pirate lvl 5 a given amount of systems away, choose your ships and set your speed to 10%(usually), you can Fleetsave for hours even days, then check the travel time and adjust the distance by choosing a closer or further system, or by changing your speed. You should Fleetsave whenever you aren't actively playing, otherwise you risk being Fleetwiped and Farmed. SET PHONE ALARMS FOR EACH FLEETSAVE, AND HAVE FLEETS RETURN WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO CHECK YOUR PHONE AND RESEND YOUR FLEETS BACK OUT.

The joint strike fleet save is a tactic you perform with another player to give yourself long saves using LESS GAS than a normal Fleetsave. To initiate a jsfs ask in alliance chat or pm for a FS from someone you trust. After finding a partner, launch your ships to attack your in-system level 5 pirate at 10% speed.

Once your ships are launched invite the other person by selecting your fleet in the fleet list and click joint strike, then select the member and press invite. That member then goes to fleets>invitations and selects join. Then they add a slow ship, an Rv is preferred, and set speed to 10%, the game sets both flight times to whoever takes the longest(the player you invited). The arrival time of a joint attack depends on the slowest player, but return time depends on your own. So better be careful when saving fleet.

When the other player joins the strike it slows the original ships to match the slower, further ships arrival time.

2.2 Ghosting

Ghosting is a hunting tactic which involves sending a colony ship, attack fleet, cargo, recovery, (and gas to get them back home) to colonize a 'Ghost' planet, preferably in the same system as a target you are hunting. Once the planet is colonized you immediately attack your target from the new 'Ghost' planet preferably with a 20% gas speed up or a 50% DM speed up. After your attack you deploy back home abandoning the Ghost planet. Protects your real coordinates and they have only 3-8 mins to notice the attack catching them off guard. When they go to look for your coords your 'Ghost' planet is usually already gone, like it was never there.. Hence Ghosting.

2.3 Fishing

Fishing is a defensive fleetwipe of a target, defensive hunting, also the most efficient hunting tactic in terms of conserving gas and collecting the debris. It involves leaving out planetside a large amount of res with a relatively small force to protect it, this will attract a target. Once your target attacks and you see the early warning report, you deploy a superior force compared to the targets that you have on another planet in the same system if doing this solo, or having a second player launch an allied defense of the your planet, timing it so so you land seconds before your target. This is done easiest with 2 players, one player fishes the other waits ready to ambush. The advantage of this tactics is it costs less gas than Ghosting, and you're almost garrenteed the Debris. Warp Gates make this tactic particularly effective if done solo.

2.4 Counterattacking

This usually requires a high level Radar Station. This tactic involves immediately launching an attack in response to an early warning report, taking your res and cargo with you. This way they'll hit an empty planet and you hit the attackers planet while his fleet is en route to you. You should mostly use this tactic when you probe him after reading the early warning report and see worthwhile resources on his planet.

Not only can you counter attack when your opponent is en route to you, but you can actually calculate when his fleet will return home. Your Radar Station range must be within his flight time range (ei. If his attack takes 34 mins, then the range of your radar needs to be at least 34 mins.) in this way the instant he launches his attack you receive the early warning report, that will allow you to calculate his return time exactly to ambush his fleet. Send your fleet to land seconds after his.

2.5 Turtling

Not recommended unless you're a top 10 player. Spamming defenses is essentially what Turtling is. There's always some who wants to crack a Turtle, and some players will even do a 5 player Joint Assault to crack them. When a defense is destroyed there is a 30% chance it is automatically instantly repaired after the battle.

2.6 Probe Attack Gimmick (NO LONGER WORKS)

So each probe can hold one resource. 10,000 probes can hold 10,000 res, so 99,999 probes can attack a player (without defenses of coarse) a galaxy away in seconds and steal 99,999 res each time.. A true hit and run tactic

2.7 Probe Spamming Gimmick (NO LONGER WORKS)

This only works the first time on a target. Essentially you attack a target with a single spy probe every minute for up to an hour.. Your target with start to delete the early warning reports and battle reports without looking at them, unfortunately for him you launched an actual attack about 30 mins into the probe spamming, but since he's just deleting the reports without looking he doesn't know that.

2.8 Combat

Before we can understand how combat works, we have to know that every unit has three basic parameters that affect combat: Weapon Power (Weaponry), Shield Power (Shielding), and Hull plating (Armor). There is also a fourth parameter, Rapid Fire, which can be significant to the final outcome.

Each combat can have 3 outcomes: attacker wins, draw, and defender wins; Each combat is organized in rounds. There are at most 6 rounds, which means that if the attacker is not able to destroy all the defender's units in 6 rounds, the combat ends with a draw. Either the "draw" and the "defender wins" causes the attacker to not be able to steal the resources in the planet/moon where the attack was made.

In the beginning of each round, every unit starts with its Weaponry (with value W) and Shielding (with value S) at its initial value (specific of each ship plus technology upgrades). The Hull Plating (with value H) has the value of previous round (initial value of the ship if it is the first round).

In each round, all participating units(defenses+ships) randomly choose a target enemy unit.

For each shooting unit:

If the Weaponry of the shooting unit is less than 1% of the Shielding of the target unit, the shot negated, and the target unit does not lose anything (i.e. shot is wasted).
If the weaponry is lower than the Shielding, then the shield absorbs the shot, and the unit does not lose Hull Plating since no damage carried over: S = S - W.
Else, the weaponry is sufficiently strong, i.e. W > S. Then the shield only absorbs part of the shoot and the rest is carried over to the hull: H = H - (W - S) and S = 0.
If the Hull of the target ship is less than 70% of the initial Hull (H_i) of the ship (initial of the combat), then the ship has a probability of 1 - H/H_i of exploding. If it explodes, the hull is set to zero: H = 0.
Finally, if the shooting unit has rapid fire (with value r) against the target unit, it has a chance of (r-1)/r of choosing another target at random, and repeating the above steps for that new target.
For every unit that ends the fight with H <= 0, it is destroyed and thus does not appear in the next round. If every unit of a side (attacker or defender) is destroyed at the end of the round, the battle ends with the opposite side winning.

Player who's score below 20,000 receive an Armistice Agreement after being attacked. Players whose score is under 50k can't attack or be attacked by others whose score is 5 times higher or lower than his score but if a players’ score is higher than 50k they can be attacked unrestricted.

After the combat, each defensive structure of the defender has a 70% chance of being immediately rebuilt without additional costs.

2.9 Rapid Fire

This is easily the most influential mechanic of combat in determining the outcome of a battle, more so the two fleets have a similar overall fleet size. If a Ship has Rapid Fire against a ship it targets and it fires taking that ship out, under normal circumstances its turn would end there, but since it has Rapid Fire against that ship, it then has a percentile chance of firing again. If that second shot hits another target that it has Rapid Fire against it will have another percentile chance to fire again and so on. This will continue until the ship finally targets something that it has no Rapid Fire against or fails its percentile chance of Rapid Fire.

2.10 Fleet Composition

To start this is a subject of debate, but regardless here are what in my experience are effective fleet compositions. First though understand Fodder and Rapid Fire. Fodder are ships that are used to be destroyed in droves so that your more expensive ships survive, Light Fighters are the best fodder. Rapid Fire is what a given ship is essentially good at destroying. I prefer Light Fighters as Fodder, Cruisers to Rapid Fire opposing LF Fodder, and Dreadnoughts to Rapid Fire Cruisers and Battle Ships. Destroyers are the last part, they Rapid Fire Dreadnoughts, are are required to defeat other fleets that have Destroyers. Really tailoring your Fleet you send to attack an enemy is what's ideal. Ideally 2-3 times their net worth of fleet and choosing ships based on what Rapid Fire's your enemies fleet.

Besides the LF/CR/DN/DR set up there are other useful set ups. Pure Dread attacks are useful if shear speed is the main priority to catch your target off guard and you have the superior fleet. Also the Missile Chaser will be an auto include since it rapid fires LF, HF, CR, BS, B, DN, and each MC fires 3 shots per round, once you have mass missile chasers it will render cruisers obsolete in particular in your fleet.

Once you have MC the set up should be more like this: LF/DN/DR/MC. Really what you actually send out in an attack should be tailored based on numbers and rapid fire to beat your enemy

3) Leveling Guide

3.1 This is open to opinion and subject to preference, but this is the fastest way I find the lvl without alts or spending cash. Early game I focus on getting my mines to lvl 20, leveling astrophysics to get at 5 planets all with lvl 20 mines, and then buy into Nanites. High lvl mines early game will out perform hunting early if done correctly, but really if you have the time you should be doing both. I also focus on leveling research to get dreads as soon as possible, once I have dreads is when I start hunting on a given server usually. My fleet before that is usually almost entirely Large Cargo to move large amounts of res. I Fleetsave and avoid attacks until then, which is rather simple, Fleetsave if done correctly is better than any hunting tactic.

At the beginning work toward these lvl on each planet:
-Radar Station lvl 10
-Robotics Factory lvl 10
-Shipyard lvl 10
-Alliance Depot lvl 1
-Solar Plant lvl 20 or 21 (whichever level is needed to keep energy in the green)
-Metal Mine lvl 15
-Crystal Mine lvl 15
-Gas Plant lvl 15
-Metal/Crystal/Gas storage lvl4

Then buy a lvl 1 Nanite Factory and continue lvling till each planet look like this:
-Radar Station lvl 10
-Robotics Factory lvl 10
-Shipyard lvl 10
-Alliance Depot lvl 1
-Solar Plant lvl 25
-Metal Mine lvl 20
-Crystal Mine lvl 20
-Gas Plant lvl 20
-Metal/Crystal/Gas storage lvl6, 5, 4
-Nanite Factory lvl 1

Then buy lvl 2 and 3 Nanite Factory.

At This point build in whatever direction you see fit.

Though the faster way to level is to create multiple alternate accounts, move the the Alts planets near your main account, get your mines on your Alts to high level, and farm your Alts for the additional ress.

3.2 Hunting Theory
1. Know your enemy, What time is he away from game (sleeping, eating, etc.), keep your friends close but enemies closer. You use spy probes, learning when he's Fleetsaved and when he's not Fleetsaved
2. Attack when he isn't on, attack with the maximum ships you can send depending on your amount of gas.
3. Your fleet should include large cargos to loot everything that player may have. As well as good offensive ships, a good thing to have a lot of is Light Fighters to serve as a shield to the bigger ships. Ships attack randomly so while Light fighters are getting the heat because you have so many of them your Cruisers, Dreads, Destroyers, and Missile Chasers are Rapid Firing on the enemy.
4. When you attack have a number of Light Fighters attack based on his fleet size that will survive one round of combat but have your main fleet about 20 seconds behind it so you know exactly what he has, if your fleet can't match his you can abort but if you think you can destroy his fleet it's only 20 seconds away. If you decide to continue your attack your Recover Vessels should be 60 sec after your initial 1 Lightfighter attack.
5. Collect all the res quickly you plunder, they will most likey be out for revenge so fleetsave.
6. Don't leave any debris field around your planets ever. If you do your enemies can make their attack and send recovery ships timed to pick up the debris seconds after the battle report.
6. Be aware that having players on your friends list and/or using alliance lets them know when you are on and offline.

4) Misc Helpful Information

4.1 Espionage

If your espionage tech is equal to the person you are spying then:

1 spy probe shows resources only

3 spy probes shows resources and ships

5 spy probes shows resources, ships, and defenses

7 spy probes shows resources, ships, defenses, and buildings

9 spy probes shows resources, ships, defenses, buildings, and techs.

However if they are a level above you, you need two more probes per level of difference to show the same information.

4.2 Radar- what you detect by level

Lvl1- Spy Probe
Lvl 3- Light Fighter
Lvl4- Recovery Vessel, Small Cargo Ship, Colony Ship
Lvl4- Large Cargo Ship
Lvl 7- Heavy Fighter
Lvl 9- Cruiser
Lvl 12- Battleship, Super Freighter
Lvl 13- Large Recovery Vessel
Lvl 14- Dreadnought
Lvl 17- Bomber
Lvl 19- Destroyer, Missile Chaser
Lvl 20- Death Star

4.3 Trading Res

So to do this ideally the player giving the resources should have no bunker on the planet, zero ships, defenses on that planet. Tell the player when and where to pick up the ress, transport the ress to that planet and time it so that the ress is dropped off a minute or two before the player picking up the ress lands. The player receiving the resources should attack with only Largo Cargo or Super Freighters, he won't need a combat escort, you should send waves of the cargo ships in quick succession to collect it all.

4.4 unlimited Contribution Points

The daily limit can easily be bypassed by simply donating for your contribution points, then leaving the Alliance and joining again and donating again.

4.5 Max level of each building

Metal mine 34
Crystal mine 34
Gas plant 34
Solar plant 35
Robotic factory 21
Shipyard 21
Research lab 21
Fusion reactor 21
Radar station 20
Metal storage 17
Crystal storage 17
Gas tank 17
Underground bunker 15
Nanite factory 3
Alliance depot 4

4.6 Max level of each research

Espionage Tech - 19
Fleet Command - 30
Energy Tech - 19
Astrophysics - 16
Hyperspace Tech - 18
Fleet Repair Tech - 3
Combustion Drive - 21
Impulse Drive - 17
Hyperspace Drive - 15
Laser Tech - 20
Ion Tech - 19
Plasma Tech - 17
Weapon Tech - 20
Shields Tech - 20
Armor Tech - 20

4.7 Debris Field to Generate Satellites

A 20% debris field can be achieved by destroying any of the following in one particular battle to generate a Satellite:

Combat Ships
- 2,400 Light Fighters
- 1,000 Heavy Fighters
- 360 Cruisers
- 160 Battleships
- 134 Dreadnaughts
- 120 Bombers
- 84 Destroyers
- 2 Death Stars

- 2,000 Small Cargo Ships
- 800 Large Cargo Ships
- 570 Recovery Vessels
- 300 Colony Ships

4.8 Planet abandonment Restrictions

The planet can't be abandoned if any one of the following conditions is met:
-You have research started from the planet you want to abandon
-You have fleet deployed on the planet
-You have ship on that planet. -You have fleet on duty from that planet
-You have this planet’s fleets deployed on other planet. And the home planet couldn’t be abandoned

4.9 Bypassing Shields

Being attacked after used armistices agreement is because the attacker’s fleet was sent before the armistice agreement was used.

4.10 Commander Names

Commander names can't usually be changed so make sure you input the commander name you actually want.

4.11 Repairing and Player Score

Repair ship doesn’t make score but destroyed ships will decrease the score and that may make someone with high tech but no ship….

4.12 Temporary Account's

Temporary accounts attach to the device, once lost by breaking the device or losing the device, it will be gone forever.

4.13 Planet Colonization


4.14 Useful Links

Battle Simulator

GaW Wikipedia Page ... nline_Wiki

Player Tips

Password Recovery Questions

Building Costs

Solar Plant and Fusion Reactor Costs and Output
viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1311 (Energy per Fusion Reactor level)

Satellite Costs

Radar Station

Stationed Fleets Gas Consumption

Rapidfire Mechanics

Glory Mechanics

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Re: Comprehensive Guide (Updated 10/01/15)

Postby Heliod » Mon Nov 02, 2015 12:42 pm

Any suggestions are welcome :)

Grey Zathras
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Re: Comprehensive Guide (Updated 10/01/15)

Postby Grey Zathras » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:12 am

Dear Heliod!

Thank you for the brilliant guide.

I have got just a few small questions:

1) Talizorah (in this post - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=719#p1627 ) told about another case for exploding ships - during Rapid Fire (Armor criteria 40%), but what is the exact formula for this case?

2) In the same topic there is information about "Optimized Battle System" patch - has it been already implemented or not? The exact quote is below:
There currently is a bug with the rapidfire/battle system, where the destroyed ships can still be targeted. When they are targeted, the attack does less than 10% damage and deals no damage. When a ship deals no damage, under the current system, that ship and all other ships of that same type that have yet to fire, end their attack phase for that round. This potentially causes thousands of ships not to attack per round. This bug was fixed in the "Optimized Battle System" patch, but was removed because of overwhelming player complaint for ship loss. The increased ship loss was a result of having the system work as intended and having every ship truly make an attack. The bug was added back into the game because of this.

In case the patch is in use - the question is - can destroyed ships still be targeted?

3) You mentioned about Rapid Fire formula (r-1)/r
Finally, if the shooting unit has rapid fire (with value r) against the target unit, it has a chance of (r-1)/r of choosing another target at random, and repeating the above steps for that new target.

But r (for shooting unit) is always the value 0< r <1, so the result of your formula will be less 0 always.
Please, clarify. Is it possible that the Rapid Fire chance is the "r" itself, but not the (r-1)/r ?

4) I met some rumors that damage could be ignored not only in case of 1% of the shield but in case the damage less than 1% of the Hull Plate too.
Is it true?

Thank you!

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