Unfair "glitch"

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Sengorn Leopardae
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Unfair "glitch"

Postby Sengorn Leopardae » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:27 pm

During the recent event on Achilles server, I started to notice that there was an astronomical amount of glory being earned. The top player usually got 5-6 million pvp. This event was 40-65 million pvp or the top players. So when people mentioned a "glitch" on the Global Chat I reasonably assumed that's what they ment. But now the event is over, it came to my attention that there were randomly placed huge fleets on inactive planets. In the 30-60k amount. Players have wiped many of this and gotten Billions of resources. More than the usual millions. Now adversaries that used to be my size are double the size, maybe more. All while I sat ignorant of this happening. If this was a purposeful act by the devs, why was such a thing not announced? I am left at an extremely large disadvantage. If this was purposeful, please announce it next time. I ~might~ be able to play catch-up with my adversaries. If it was an accident, please tell me so I'm not stewing needlessly in my self pity.

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Re: Unfair "glitch"

Postby Talizorah » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:55 am

My personal opinion was it was an accident, but on the whole, most players benefitted from it. I know my alliance was buzzing with excitement once we realized what was going on. All affected accounts should be repaired and returned to their original state. As for the future, I doubt this will happen again.

I was only able to hit 2 targets due to my level, but assisted in galaxy wide searches for these planets. As a result, I was able to collect some of the debris for targets I helped find. Also, I was able to find several abanonded debris fields, as the really big players were out for PvP and recovering debris took too long. I believe it really took our server about 24hrs to finally figure out what was happening. I scored 1M PvP and was lower than rank 120 in the event, so a lot of player on my server at least we're able to take advantage of it

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