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Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:51 pm

Positive vibes is a text show that I wrote during my days in GE. It's a funny, embarrassing and dimwitted thing, yet everyone loved it. So I'm bringing it somewhere where everyone will love it!

I even created this dainty poll above so you guys can vote on how much you enjoyed reading the episodes.

I'll put up the first one tomorrow at 11:00PM server time. Which for me is midnight London time right now. As the server has DST switched on!

I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy the shows to come. Also you can reply to each adition I make to this thread.


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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Raynes » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:43 pm

Ratch, I have seen your positive vibes on galaxy empire and I was a fan. They really got my alliance active and happy. If you continued to use them here you have my support and best wishes.
All the GE people will back you up I assure you.


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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 3:56 pm

Welcome To The First Edition To Positive Vibes with your host RatchetOrian1

Welcome. its Bob here with all the latest news from the world of GAW but first heres a bit of history about Positive Vibes. The history lesson will be provided by our beloved reporter Ratchet. Take it away Ratch!

Good evening folks. yes heres the history. Positive Vibes started in the fabled alliance of Slim Shady in Galactic Empires, a game that is now miserably failing.
The show gained the most exotic reputation for embarrassing people with its made up charactors:
Yuri, Orian1, Bob andtchet. the characters in the show became known worldwide for their stupidity, generosity, aliminity, and their general disregard for public care and upbringing! even though the characters were the main presenters. the episode that will be starting here will be episode 7. so we hope you all thorughly enjoy. the show was initially started in the middle of a war between our allies and the whole servers enemies. still. Positive Vibes will live on.

on a computer you can get here by following the following link

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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:17 pm

Good morning and welcome to Positive Vibes Episode 7

so there have been reports coming in that there is a war between the alliance "A Few Good Men" Now, having a war of this magnitude doesn't seem to comforting especially when the posts have been coming in that they have been hurting nearly everyone! ratch has more on the subject

"Yes the alliance A Few Good Men" were seen viciously stabbing their nemesis(s) in the park today, this may have been a side effect of the Insanity bug thing that was seen going around the other day! people are getting worried Bob. They are getting worried that they could be next!!!"

the alliance H.A.T.E. were spotted near guild today. fortunately they were not able to pose a threat! however, the alliance leader Killsasorihaters, and the reason I write that so small is because his name is a curse to the world. (zoom in big time). So he was seen anyways running from the guild in fear for his life and yelling something about getting a surgical procedure done on his fingers. we have ratch to tell us more! Ratchet...

"Yes Killsasorihaters was seen yelling that he would have to get his fingers surgically removed and put onto his toe-holes. whatever those are! this is because, Slim Shady Managed to drop a very heavy piece of piano onto his feet and break them! back to you Bob"

owch ratch1 that oughta hurt!
and now for the weather!


The Weather, Proudly sponsored By HATE 'O' Matic corporation

unfortunately there is no weather available due to this weather front!

please tune in tomorrow for a more relevant episode of Positive Vibes.
also, please vote above! it can be changed as you wish. it just helps me keep motivated.

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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:29 am

Welcome back to the mid afternoon release of Positive Vibes!

Today in Positive Vibes

we talk about the censor in WC.

we tell you about the abominable Snow Fleet.

we go over how to rescue the
Pink Alliance.

And i show you how to use BB code

but first. todays headlines with Yuri


"Thank you. welcome to the headlines with me, Yuri.

It was reciently discovered that a massive drugs haul was found in New Calawakkiki. the value of the siezure was estimated at arround 230 billion rubles.

A bomb went off in the alliance
A Few Good Men. There were no reported fatalities.

A squirell was spotted floating through space today with a bowl over its head. spectators are quite astounded as to how it is surviving out in space and not exploding.

thats it from me! see you tonight!

Positive Vibes Proudly supported by the Slim Shady Alliance in Galaxy Empires.

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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:53 am

please cast your votes. base them on my posts only. the votes are what keeps me going. for every 5 positive votes i get, ill release an interesting and fictional story. simple!

Please leave your feedback. just dont leave up a post like the other guy did. it ruins the whole show!


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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:38 pm

Ok folks. I have an old episode of Positive vibes for you it's episode 5

Positive Vibes EP 5

Welcome to Positive Vibes. This is an emergency broadcast.

A bomb has gone off in Nobody today, killing four... Atoms. It's untold devastation, and the ensuing space quake could be felt systems away.

HATE is currently falling from the spot light today. The leader has been unusually silent. Maybe the members of the Crew have sorted him out. (Finally some peace)

Deftswine has been found guilty of murder today! He has 'accidentally' squashed about 4 grunts. The U.N.S.C. Leader said this. "I did not kill them. They walked into my Warthog, not the other way arround... I've said too much!"

Ratchetorian1 today has finally announced that The Union will be moving house. Yes. They are moving house to join the ranks of Nobody alliance. The news came after the leader of the alliance Johnny Not-so-English was sucked into the contained black hole that Ratchetorian1 held.
Join us after this break!

The Break

Ever wondered what it was
Like to loose a fleet?
Well never fear! For the
Fleet 'o' Matic will rebuild
Faster than you can
Say, bananonkrs!

The flop stopper
Specially designed
To stop the floppatians
From eating your
Flip flops.

Welcome back to Positive Vibes!


This just in! There was a riot in World Chat today. Orian1 is there reporting live!

"Yes bob. The riots today were the cause of the announcement that Positive Vines was being discontinued. The developers of Positive Vubes got so scared that they decided to push out a double !ouch! I'm on your side! This- MONSTER! This is orian1 reporting!!!!! I wor-

And we're back in the studio. Wow, I hope orian1 will be ok! Also I think Orian1 meant to say Vibes?!?

Now then! The leader of Nobody was spotted running down Galaxy Boulevard today! The sad bit was he had no idea where he was going. He made it only 800 inches before running head first into a lamp post! He then tried to climb up the lamp post but failed as he was wearing gloves! This resulted in him trying for the past four hours to get up the pole, someone then came along and removed the gloves! Thus enabling ratchet to climb it to the very top and down the other side!! The leader is now in hospital after being diagnosed with severe mental-choaotika. What ever that is. Scientists are still baffled as to why he went nuts in the first place.

Now to the weather!


today we can expect some light to heavy fighters coming in over Akita! Whilst to the west, Slim Shady can expect a CME to wipe out their fleet! Citizens are advised to move underground for the duration! In the north there will be some heavy bombardment from UNSC as they celebrate the leader being released from galactic prison today. The atmosphere is going to be toxic in the mid afternoon as the members are throwing a lot of gas around the place.

Thank you for watching, tune in tomorrow for more Positive Vibes!

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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ares » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:07 pm

I don't understand!!!

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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby comeonbaby » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:31 pm

And i ...Sorry my english is poor.Good friend can you tell me what do you say?

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Re: Positive Vibes

Postby Ratchetorian1 » Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:53 am

Ares wrote:I don't understand!!!

Some friends of mine in a different game thoroughly enjoyed this particular episode.

Fear not! I chall have a more understandable episode for you all.

Also copy and paste into google translate if you don't understand.

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