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Private Chat Improvements

Postby Bibliophile » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:53 pm

I am not trying to replace/put down apps such as line.

Currently private chat is very limiting. You can only effectively chat with one person at a time and to begin a chat with someome you need to either have them friended, see them in chat, or find their planet.

What I am proposing is a separate window for chat. It would he located on the bottom bar on the main screen and would have these features:

1. Ability to simply type in a name and chat with them.
2. List of recent people you have chatted with.
3. Multiple chat rooms, so you can have a room with player1 and player2 but have a private chat with player1 at the same time (much like line)
4. Badges (Like on the app icon) for how many chats you have unread

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