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Postby danatcofo » Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:51 pm

Hello all,

As a relatively new player to GAW I struggled with some concepts and how-to's like anyone else. I asked people in chat how to do things and looked for a wiki online that explained things as well like I've used with many other games in the past.

This forum had some help also but its really not condusive to guiding you through the game on an on going basis.

So, I started a wikia sight to capture the game information and how to's.

This is at

As with all wikis they are a community effort so I'm asking for help in building and maintaining the wiki. Especially from people who know how a wiki works and know the game as well. However anyone can help if they like.

Its only in the begining stages of things right now so if you want to help, go visit the wiki, create a page about some topic, look at what else is already there and join in the endeavor.

Thanks all.


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