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Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:30 am
by Jonathan954
:D :D join UCPA we are developing strategic diplomatic and military cooperation. Member alliances signed on to the TREATY of INDEPENDENT STELLA ALLIANCES have regrouped and begun their joint military excercises. The military leaders of the active treaty command stood by a member alliance and dealt a devastating blow to an aggressor world which had launched devastating multiple attacks on a members homeworld as well as colonial outposts. This initial attack came after multiple propaganda and offensive diplomatic statements had been made by the aggressor to the attacked member, showing the aggressor to be a rouge system with little regard for inter galactic progression. After yesterday's attack on a main founding TISA alliance, the TISA community responded with a show of unity. TISA command councils then met to strategize an effective military response utilizing strengths from each participating alliance and launched a successful response that devasted the aggressor. Additionally, the commanders organized various war games and joint excercises to show their resolve and improve treaty military strategies. Inter Alliance co- op by independent alliances worked lady evening, the independent leaders will meet later today to expand cooperation and rally more leaders for active support. The capital planet has not been determined as of yet, but the supported colonial system has extended the invite as a show of gratitude as well as to offer tribute to their allies with a grand celebration.