Potential things to add to GaW

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Potential things to add to GaW

Postby Heliod » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:06 pm

*Ship Mods, with visual representations, these would be interesting, similar to planet skins but for ship types.
Stealth Mod, -20% time to enemy Radar Station, -20% to modded ships armor

Speed Mod, +10% to modded speed, -50% to modded ships cargo space, -10% to modded ships armor

Juggernaut Mod, +5% to modded Armor and Shields, -10% speed to modded ships, -100% cargo space to modded ships

*Achievable Titles, shows up after your commander name and before your Alliance name, can have one active at a time, minor buff associated with each one.

*Capital Ship, the Capital Ship buffs any fleet its with, though if destroyed debuffs your entire fleet for 24hrs (due low morale of your fleet). The Capital Ship can 'level up' based on any battle it survives depending on the glory gained it that battle. Leveling increases its own stats and rapid fire (essentially representing it being refitted with better weapons, armor, and gaining experience on the battlefield.

Example capital ship buff to your fleet, +5% rapid fire to a single type of selected ship (Death Star may not be chosen). If destroyed -10% rapid fire to your entire fleet for 24hrs.

*Fleet Repair Item +20% 24hrs item 50DM, people would likely buy this I know I would, good for Sphinx and players might be more prone to fighting more.

*Fleet Repair Item +20% 7 days item 300DM

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Re: Potential things to add to GaW

Postby DeathComethe » Wed May 18, 2016 10:11 pm

Could the advance attack notice work outside of just the game as a notification? Im tired of having to get on MINUTES AFTER an attack hits and destroys my entire fleet when I couldve gotten on before it hit and saved them, it makes it pointless at that point when I spend days worth of time and millions of resources just to have someone destroy it all in seconds when it COULDVE BEEN PREVENTED. Advance notice should DEFINITELY have already ment there would be a notification when theres incoming. Also it would be nice to have notifications when training, building, and research are done I mean people do have lives they have to pay attention to instead of staying on this game 24/7 just so you can know when you can start a new task.

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