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Postby wwoods1959 » Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:55 pm


3/22/16 at 14:49:13 Game time, an account of mine was attacked by an account with a player score of 6358. That account has Death Stars. I know that you had programming errors a while back and it caused many accounts to have this capability. Here is the bottom line. You have given certain players the ability to attack low score alts that may be being used to save res on so that future builds can be done. This ability to have an account with DS on it can no longer be duplicated. Therefore it is something that should not exist. Having been around a long time, since Taurus, I know that some players did this on purpose so they would have such an account. It is your lack of having a steadfast moral code, or pure laziness, which one I do not know, that allows these unfair accounts to exist without adjusting their score based on the res it would take to replace their buildings and give them the techs they have. I have a few solutions for you. Allow these accounts to be attacked by any score. Adjust their score to where it should be. Ban the account, after all, you have no idea if the original owner even has it.
Let's face it, You have new players on the servers that this guy can attack and the new guys just can't compete with that and even experienced players can't as well. It is said you think these accounts are legitimate. THEY ARE NOT LEGITIMATE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM !!!!! Get over yourselves, pull up your bootstraps and fix it. I have screenshots to show you that I am not just full of it. I have sent private Facebook messages, Posted on the Facebook page and now I am posting here. Trust me I will keep on posting and posting and contacting people and Apple until you do something about it. I await your response and it better not be that canned drivel you always hand out or it will really be on. P.S. How can an account be legitimate when it is caused by a programming error?

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