Armies, Blockades, Ships, Misc.

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Armies, Blockades, Ships, Misc.

Postby Tonydaboss0101 » Sun May 08, 2016 2:53 am

With all the players in the game, it would be fun if you added these things to the game.

Army: Most sci fi movies have this, and in real life this is a major show of military power. The army would be used to invade other planets, and would also be used to defend against invasion. Here are some ideas of what troops to add.
-Soldiers: These would be the backbone of any army. They should be very, very cheap (costing about 10 metal and 15 crystal) and take a very short time to train (10 seconds in the first shipyard level). However, make them weak (only about 2 attack and 8 defense).
-Mechas: These would be robots that would support the soldiers. They would have 25 attack and 100 defense, and would cost 1,500 metal and 500 crystal. They would take 6 minutes to build at the first shipyard level.
-Tanks: These would be the most powerful support for the soldiers.They would have 50 attack and 400 defense (the same as a light fighter). They would cost 3,000 metal and 1,000 crystal and would take 12 minutes to build at the first shipyard level.
-Dropship: If players have soldiers, mechas, and tanks but don't have this, they would be unable to invade people's planets. This would carry the land units to the target planet. They would cost as much as a large cargo ship and each would carry 1,000 soldiers, 100 mechas and 10 tanks.
-Light and Heavy Fighters: Already in the game, I know, but make them able to fly with the dropships and give the troops air support.

Invasion: Invasion would occur when a player sent troops to another planet to gain control of its resources. In order to win the invasion, the attacking player's army must be more powerful than the defending player's army. The defending player's army could defend against the attacking army, but ONLY against the attacking army and not against warships (with the exception of light and heavy fighters). Also, the defenses such as rocket launchers and light fighters would be useless against an invasion.

If there were ships at the defending planet, then the dropships would need ships to escorts them there. If the attacker won the battle they would get to invade. If they lost the battle, they would not be able to invade.

The invaded planet, if the invasion was successful, would give the player who invaded it 15% of its resources. The player who invaded it would be able to send reinforcements. However, the invaded player could still train troops, and would be able to overthrow the troops if powerful enough. Other players would also be able to attack the invaded planet to try to liberate it.

Also, make an "invasion" option when you click on a planet alongside the recover, spy, and attack options.

Blockade: This would be used strategically in the event of war between players. A blockade would be used to stop any ships going in or out of the planet. The blockade, however, could be destroyed by enemy players and the player that has the blockade around them.

New Ship Ideas:
-Carrier: This would carry light fighters, heavy fighters, and dropships into battle more efficiently. All sci fi movies have something like this, why can't we have something like this in our game?

-More powerful pirates.
-Random pirate attacks.
-Battles that happen in space.
-Asteroid fields that could be mined.

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Re: Armies, Blockades, Ships, Misc.

Postby Tonydaboss0101 » Sun May 08, 2016 2:57 am

I know this is a crazy idea, but it is doable and, in my opinion, make an excellent addition to the game.

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