Gaw Android bug?

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Gaw Android bug?

Postby Wazzix » Mon May 29, 2017 2:04 am

Hi i started playing on Conquest recently and had an unusual experience of not getting an attack warning while being offline (radar lvl7) and yes the notifications were on . I heard a gossip that this occurs on android systems so my question is if this is happening what can be done to fix it? So now I should be online all the time because even if I got a radar of 40 min warning it does not warn me when I'm offline at all with any notifications!? This is unfair and I'm looking forward to a reply asap to know what I'm dealing with here and if this has any sense to continue going offline is like going blind and coming back to all planets being plundered .i lost a big fleet because of that and no it was not stationed on the planet so I could fs it was coming back from an attack on an alliance member who obviously asked for help after my attack and while I was returning home his buddy send out an attack on me .the time difference between my fleet docking on home planet and the attacking fleet from his alliance buddy member was 5 min my radar was lvl 7 back the so i should get an attack warning notifications that didnt happen when i logged in 10 min after my fleet got back I logged to a belt of big debris instead. So now that I explained the situation in detail I would like to know if the developers know about this problem and is anything done about it? Does any other android users experienced it and if so why is it not repaired as it ruins all the game play you can't rest in peace knowing that you got radars but the notifications don't work so you have a chance of logging in to wiped out planets.Thank you for your time to read this and any good news would be appreciated.

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