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Postby Jonathan954 » Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:48 pm

In order to expand the game to more dimension, diplomacy development would be great to add. A feature that allows treaties between alliances, where a proposal is sent between leaders and they both "sign" by agreeing. This can open many new opportunities for development, such as setting abilities to have a closed forum for citizen players to communicate, making for better cooperation. This would be ideal environment for trade, foreign aid etc. It woukd increase the community of players and add depth but still keep the war aspect. Now the game is essentially hide from the farmers. This gets boring and frustrating, yet a good leader can also conquer or experience peace through diplomatic strategies for his group. Creating a UG BUILDING - United galaxy's or something would unlock them levels of cooperation and diplomacy u and ur alliance can be part of. The trade idea is a must as well as building economic cooperation and even foreign aid between alliances and members. This will allow for players to develop influence and make for much deeper in dimension game and woukd result in more players staying active and growing. Fs and farm becomes the norm sitting around waiting days for something to complete build and then just a quick wipe is discouraging. There could be more things to build than just ships and attack by adding these aspects.

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Re: Diplomacy

Postby Talizorah » Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:26 pm

While what you have suggested would be good, trade is something that would be hard to manage from a balancing standpoint. We already have an alliance depot, and it is poorly underused. It poses a great opportunity to add a potential trade dimension, where trading could either take the form of a bank trading system, subbing one form of res for another, at a proportional price, and/or creating a trader ship that can travel to allies planets and come back with its cargo capacity filled. The amount of res held by the depot would be refillable like pirates, where players can do research to increase the amount held. It could either be by invitation, or simply set between allies.

In terms of allies, I would like to see a listing of slots where allies and naps can be posted. Alliances placed in these slots would gain the same notification system like when you click on an allies or friends planet for an attack or spy. Using color to differentiate allies from other players could be used, but I think the notification system would be best.

It also would be nice to have a way to distinguish allies from enemies. Perhaps adding an icon on the planets when searching through individual systems could be used to differentiate friend from foe. An enemy list would be needed for this. This is a war game, and players currently have to check between the alliance boards and the planet they are spying to be sure they are looking at a friend or enemy. By adding icons, this could speed up the process and encourage a more war-like feel. Alliances and enemies are how this game has developed, and I would like to see this aspect of the game expressed through game mechanics.

In terms of communication between allies, I think another chat group would be good, but very complex to do. With allies being different and allies and enemies overlapping, I think staying with external chat methods such as line, are the most effective means of communication.

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