Gotta love an alliance

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Gotta love an alliance

Postby Davy » Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:48 am

Alliances... Nothing like sharing your coordinates and information to others while risking spies. But hey, stuff happens. This is not about KGB and The CIA. This is about ALLIANCE. Why do we have free for alls? Can't we settle for a declared war? A system so that you can attack a certain alliance for specific bonuses would work. Declare an open war with an alliance and fight for 72 hours and who ever has most points wins the war? That works!!! Oh yes it works! Now! Lets go into super detail! This is boring. Admiral>captain>Diplomat>Advisor>commanders... Spice it up!!! Admiral>rear admiral (vice)> a set of commodores (group leaders, explain later) a set if captains (explain later) a set of sargeants (explain later)> and the trash (JK!!) I mean enlisted. Detail in positions (super long explanation like my battle system just before) Admiral: supreme leader, my way or the highway! He controls all ranks and he controls all members. Basically can do ALL he wants. Second in command of course is rear admiral. Same powers, but can be removed by main. So, as it is now but with a rear. Commodores: not to be confused with commanders, is basically like a company commander, (sorry, kinda contradicting, not to be confused with commander, but is a commander) he has his roster. Max of 4. He basically controls ranks of sargeants and captains below him. He can assign goals and such and basically give commands to his company specifically. He is basically a faction admiral. If you are a veteran or active duty, you already see where I'm going with this. Captains: equal to platoon leaders. Has a roster for his own platoon. Basically a platoon admiral, but must do goals assigned by his commodore. Controls his sargeants only. Same duties as higher ups but for a smaller group. Sargeants: equal to a squad leader. Has one of the most important jobs. Direct command of its members. It's likes dad or mom. No rights except that squad. Self explanatory. Now, how to not make this total CHAOS!!!! A way to organize us by points. If you only have 0-25 lvled members. One commodore. 26-50 as well, two, and 51+ is three. Captains, limit two per company, any can be captain. Sargeants, anyone can be one, any level. Now. Why this aint a waste of time. How about... Ahhh... Alliance events. Whoever does the most PVP. Well. Sit the commodores I to regions. One large section per commodore, and then so on. I know this seems... Ehh useless, but it can be total opposite, this is military war game, make it organized like it. I will leave this without detail so yall can discuss and if like, "improvise" thanks for reason to admins and dev team

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