new battles for increased tactics

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new battles for increased tactics

Postby Culinair » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:23 am

Hi all, since this is my first post, I thought it better be a good one. Hope you like my idea. It will be a long story and I understand it is not that easy to implement in the game, but I hope you think it's worth it.

First the reason for this addition: I wanted to have new way of battles (which I think is also not possible in other similar games), I wanted to make it possible to trade resources between member of your alliance, I wanted to add a new layer of tactics, wanted to increase the importance of alliances and and last I wanted to increase the importance of a good alliance leader, while maintaining it all in a nice balance. And that's why this is a pretty long story :P

The idea is based on having fights over the Space Stations. I think it would be awesome if we could capture space station. But before we can capture them, we need a reason to do so. The reason is production bonus and plundering resources.
First the bonus: Let's say you can research at the space station something to increase the metal production of all the alliance members for 10% per level for a high cost (maybe 200million metal for the first level, and doubling with each succeeding level, maybe even more). If an alliance captures the space station of an other alliance, they will get 50% of the total bonus and the original owner will loose their bonus.
The plundering: the space station already has a warehouse. The resources in there can be divided over the alliance when the space station is captured (I will come back to this later).
How do this fights have to go? Well, in contrary to the normal fights which will begin immediately when the attacking fleet arrives, I think there has to be a 24hour period before the fight will start. I imagine something like this: it will take 6 hours for everyone, independent of your location, to arrive in the battle zone (make your own story with black holes to make this possible). After the first attacking ships arrive, the 24 hours period will start. This will give the defending alliance time to send ships to defend and the attacking alliance so send more reinforcements. To increase the need for tactics everyone from both alliance must be able to see how many ships are on the battle field and how many ships are still under way to the battle zone. This way the attacker has to decide if the bonus and resources are worth the fight and as defender you know what it would take to keep your bonuses.
Then the fight is like every other fight. However, the debris will automatically collected by the space station itself and be stored in the warehouse! So for an attacker to collect the debris, they have to capture the space station.
You might ask yourself now, what will prevent the biggest alliance to capture all the space stations of the small alliances? That will be the space station auto destruct system. The what? Well this system can be triggered by the builder of the space station. I will let the space station explode with a 2 hour trigger (which can not be canceled) and all ships traveling to, from or that are present in the battle zone will be destroyed and the debris can be collected by everyone. I think this will balance the need to take the space station with the bonus you get from it. How much risk will you take as an alliance if your planning to take over a space station. And for the defender, when will you blow it up? Keep in mind that you will loose all the bonuses (which therefore have to be expensive to get) and have to start over with a new space station. Maybe you prefer to recapture the space station? In addition, this auto destruct system can only be triggered by the original builder of the space station and even if they don't own the space station anymore. So if the attacker has to much fleet stationed to protect and make it impossible for the original owner to recapture it, they might want to blow it up.

Then the other part of my idea. I think it must be able for the alliance leader to ship resources from the space station warehouse to his alliance members. So this way the debris from the possible attacks on the space station can be divided. But also, if someone donates to the warehouse, these resources can be divided as well! And trade between alliance members is possible. But you better trust your alliance leader! However, if the space station is under attack, it is not possible to transfer resources. So if there are to much resources in the warehouse, someone might want to take it. Furthermore, after an attack is made, there must a 24hour period in which the space station can not be attacked again. So you have time to divide all the resources when you have captured the space station.

I think this idea will not only give the big alliance possibilities to get big rewards (multiple bonuses from all the space station they captured), but also the small alliance have a way to destroy the fleet of the big alliances. Maybe they can lure them in with a nice bait, then blow the whole thing up, coordinate this with their alliance so they can gather all the debris!
So new tactics for all of us to develop and to learn.

I hope you like it. I even worked it out a little bit more, but then this post became way to long. If something is not clear, please ask along. And I hope something like this can be realized.


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