Documentation: Global Chat Log

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Documentation: Global Chat Log

Postby Talizorah » Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:14 pm

Due to reoccurring issues with unhappy players when it comes to mutes and player bans, it may be best to start a better documentation process of what players say on global chat. My understanding of the mod-warning system is that a chat mod must submit documentation of a rule break in order to issue a warning to the offending player. Warnings carry a stigma of being nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and are very much a judgement call based on many factors. While the mods do not catch every offense committed, I feel it is good balance for mods to be able to use their judgment and understanding of the context of the player to decide to issue a system warning or a verbal warning. While I understand that verbal warnings are not official and probably do not follow protocol, it is a good method when dealing with players who are simply upset, as opposed to a player who is trolling.

When it comes to mutes, players often take up arms against chat mods, calling them unfair, their rulings unjust, as well as a slew of other names. When a player is muted, either all accept and understand the reason, or it sparks a controversy. Not always is a controversy warranted, but I will agree there are times and certain interpretations I have not agreed with. The biggest issue when it comes to a mute (or in worse cases, a ban), is that often the rule break occurs apart from the actual issue. Without knowing exactly what documentation is required when a warning/mute is issued, it seems that what is used is often taken out of context. While a rule was broken, and consequences must be handed out, quite often the whole story is not present, especially in cases where the punishment seems too severe for the breakage. I also do not believe in a rigid law system, whereas leniency should be granted based on the situation and the context of which it occurs.

That said, what is missing from this process is proper documentation of the whole conversation. Too often does support ask players to send screenshots as proof, and they ask the chat mods the same. While screenshots do provide evidence, they are moments taken out of time and out of context. When situations like this occur, a better method of documentation is needed in addition to the current method.

From the standpoint of developers, having a record of what is is said in global chat of each server would seem to be a necessity. As chat already time-stamps each players submission, when a controversy arises, a screenshot provides the reference to the section of chat where the rule-break occurred. This would give the developers full reference to the entire incident that led to the rule-break, so a thorough and unbiased analysis of how the situation was handled could be carried out. Relying only on what players and mods submit to determine the course of action taken in these situation leaves a lot up to human error. By simply keeping a plain text recording (minus the system battle logs) full reference to the situation would leave little doubt that everything is being handled fairly and without bias based on evidence submitted.

I am not suggesting a change to the current documentation process of chat mods, but that full records be kept of global chat to provide the full picture when invesigation into a players actions are taken under consideration for a mute or a ban. I appreciate your time in reading this and considering it. Any and all players are welcome to leave your comments and suggestions based on what has been presented here. Thank you!

Tl;dr - The developers need to record chat instead of solely relying on screenshots sent when a rule is broken. There is so much that gets left out, especially context, when dealing with mutes/bans. This would give them full reference to issues that could be thoroughly and unbiasedly examined.

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