How to stop being farmed.

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How to stop being farmed.

Postby adam3196 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:52 pm

After having to tell multiple players of my load, dump, and run, donate strategy, I first had to ask myself do I want to tell every one this, it does not benefit me and will make many angry because I will be taking away their sources of resource but for those that are being farmed so hard they are ready to quit, I have to help make the game fun. How do I benefit. Well less farms means smaller fleets for me to deal with. The idea is simple give the enemy nothing for their efforts. Gas is an expensive resource. If you are not an asset the you are a liability. So how do you make your self an undesirable target. some would argue on how sound these strategies are, I will explain the benefits.
Don't build defenses, first it saves resources second if you have no fleet and no defense then no battle occurs, they get no glory.
raise up ur radar lvl. . give your self a little time to do all you need to do. which is maybe 5 mins. at most. Keep your mail box empty or open all email. If you don't keep email box clear then you don't see alert when in other screens. Every time you see the red number on mail button check it out it may be the farmer. Now when you get your alert, and are under attack follow these procedures.

When you receive an attack alert. Or when FS for the night.
Build a Bunker and lvl it up.
first you unload your bunker. ( I keep mine loaded, but that's another strategy of not letting them see the resources in spy report to begin with making me smaller target again)
Second spend any and all recourses that you can.
Watch what your spending your resources on use some basic math and adjust your build to best spend as much as you can. Some builds cost metal only or crystal only, some have equal amounts of both some differ in other ways.
If u still have res left now load up your cargos and ditch the planets.
Refill left overs into bunker.
Finally Save your daily donation till final sign off, or for an attack where you still have res after RS.
Now donate, leaving nothing no matter how large a savings you had built for the attacker. Now for the down sides you have no defense and are letting enemy to get a simple win.
You can do all this before going off line too.
Before going off line you can also turn down production of all mines to %10. And you certainly can and will lose some res while offline, but it is now the most limited amount of loss possible. Yes you will lose potential Res if you are not attacked, but doing this will also mean you are less likely to be attacked for finical gains.

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Re: How to stop being farmed.

Postby maybethisweight » Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:49 pm

Useful post, man. Thanks for the tip. I'm a newer player, and still on the edge of how committed I want to be to the game so far. Getting farmed is a bummer (it's happened to me a couple times so far), but at least I know what steps to take now.
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