Power Levels for Solar Plant vs Fusion Reactor

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Power Levels for Solar Plant vs Fusion Reactor

Postby DoctorWho » Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:35 pm

Can a Support Team Member please give us a table here for comparison of Solar Plant level power output and Fusion Reactor level power output? (similar to the radar table)

I believe this will prove invaluable for long term planning, as many players will be frustrated after playing the game for months to find out they need to spend a week deconstructing one plant or the other to make room for more of the other in order to balance power levels and planet slots.

Also please clarify if Energy Tech affects either or both power sources, as in other games similar to this it has affected the Fusion Reactor which was the way for the game to offset the fact that Fusion Reactor not only costs more per level to build but also uses gas constantly to run. If not I feel these plants will unbalance in favor of the Solar Plant meaning the Fusion Plant will be a wasted building in game.

And then there is the logic aspect... it is called "Energy Tech". It follows logically that it improves the way energy is produced.

Hope this is helpful!

Thanks Support Team!

- Doctor Who

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