Some tricks

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Some tricks

Postby Bibliophile » Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:55 pm

Just some tricks that can help avoid confusion

To look up a player's profile:
  1. Blacklist them
  2. Go to blacklist and click on their name
  3. remove blacklist

To have a better chance of not getting wiped in a defense on a jumper build in the following order:
  1. Robotics Facility 1-2
  2. Solar plant 1-5
  3. Radar 1-5 (my preference)

To minimize losses when attacking one must consider rapid fire, techs, stats, and numbers. Rapidfire is arguably the most important. If you have a high Rapidfire against the defending fleet great, but their fleet is mixed then you may actually be better off leaving one or more ship types home. E.g. You are attacking a target with 100 RL and 50 cr. you have 100 lf, 100 hf, 30 cr, and 30 bs. Obviously you want to bring your cr and bs. But which fodder fleet should you bring? (Or both) if you look at the stats of cr you can see that they have a Rapidfire of 83.33% against lf. So if you bring lf they are more likely to die in the fight. Hf only have negative Rapidfire against bs in this senecio and should still provide adequate protection for your capital ships. Keep all this in mind when attacking!!!
Techs: you'd think it would be obvious but many forget to level their techs up. Trust me, an opponent having a 50% boost on you can demolish your fleet easily.
Stats: another obvious thing that's often overlooked... If you examine the stats to res ratios of different ships you will notice that many are cheaper for just as much firepower... I wouldn't let this convince you to build a fleet of just lf for example but it's something to keep in mind
Numbers: self explanatory? Maybe. I personally like to have a "net ship worth" (value of my fleet including Rapidfire and ships) of over 3x my targets. I will settle for 2x however.

I'll do more as I think of them... Feel free to post with requests and make your own :)

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Re: Some tricks

Postby Mr.Ed » Sat Apr 05, 2014 2:03 am

Double Tap.

Your first attack will battle ALL of the enemy / pirates forces. Assuming you win, that means all of their defense is gone. So do a follow-up of cargo and recovery ships and enjoy the plunder, there is nothing there to stop you. Harrrr. :idea:

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Re: Some tricks

Postby zNoodles » Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:10 am

I'm noobish so bear with me. I spy on a planet, it looks pooorly defended & owners score is lower than mine. However after assembling my fleet to attack, I'm unable to do so because the other player's score is too high.
How are abandoned planets plunderred?
Signed low on resources +Alliance shopping. Hello DL's !!!? ??

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Re: Some tricks

Postby Talizorah » Sat Apr 19, 2014 8:19 pm

If your score is under 50k, there is a rule that applies to who you can attack and who cannot attack you. Multiply your score by 5. This is the upper limit of score a player can have that can attack you and that you can attack. Divide your score by 5. This is the lower limit of score a player can have that can attack you and that you can attack. This only applys to players under 50k score. If you are over 50k score any player with a higher score can attack you and you can attack them. If your score is over 50k and you wish to target a player under 50k, again divide your score by 5 to see if that player under 50k score is within range.

If a planet has been abandoned, all resources, debris and satellites for the planet are permanently gone. If a player abandons or teleports a planet you are attacking or collecting debris from, your fleets will automatically be returned to your planet. Planets that have been abandoned are immediately available for colonization by any player; that colony will start with all buildings at lvl 0.

Hope that answers your questions!

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