Make some changes to Peak Arena

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Make some changes to Peak Arena

Postby 1stSpade » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:41 am

The game has not had any updates in a very long time, so some new things are very much needed!

In Peak Arena you should have different rules for each week. Or at least have 1 week of 4 that you do something different. Have added DEF/ATK etc. in the first rounds also (before the finals). But have added up to 100 % or even more so that you really need to use the kind of heroes suggested only.

It can be fire/earth week or any other combo of suggestions from earlier. If you need suggestions, both I and other has come up with them earlier and I think we can do it again.

Some of what can give bonuses:
Legendary/Epic heroes
Green/Red/Blue/Yellow heroes
Female/Male/Dragons or other specifics depending on the cards picture
Mage/Priest/Warrior/Ranger heroes
Old heroes (original game release heros only)

It can even be a combo of these where Green gives 50 % extra attack and Epic give 30 % extra defense for instance.

You can keep the same rules for the final or change them there.
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