How to gain score the easy way.

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How to gain score the easy way.

Postby Ares » Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:33 pm

There are many ways to gain score, in fact everything you do result in you getting score. I will explain the most effective way for you to get there quick. And here is my top 5.
1. Always play the lottery, collect daily bonuses and complete the quests, they give free resources that you can use to build/research stuff.
2. Point conversion are this for every 1,000 resources you spend on building or upgrading a building is 2 points added to your score. For building defenses or ships it is 1 point added to score and tech is 3 points for every 1,000 resources spent.
3. To get the bigger techs like astrophysics or higher level impulse drives, mines are essential to ensure a stardust flow of resources to transfer to score.
4. Dark Matter can help get a bigger score, if you do have the money then do it. It can be used tocpurchase more lottery tickets, resource packs and speed ups to get more stuff done quickly.
5. When you start The buildings and techs that equate to more score would be nanites, fusion reactors, astrophysics and impulse drives. These are just a few but mastering this will make your score go through the roof.

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