How do I Awaken my heroes?

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How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby sphinxfan » Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:54 am

:D :D After Awakening, a hero will unleash all his or her potential, break all limitations, enhance one of the hero’s skills, and boost stats. But how do can heroes be awakened? What are the steps? :?: Let’s take a look!
The new Awakening feature can be found here, by entering the Awaken page from the <Heroes> menu. Click on the “+” button to add the hero you want to Awaken. (As of this writing, only some heroes can be Awakened, but more will have this ability soon)
1.jpg (22.15 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

After choosing the hero you want to Awaken, you will be able to check which material you’ll need.
2.jpg (22.46 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

Different element heroes need different crystals. For Cryptkeeper, Awakening him means you need to collect 165 Storm Runes. Storm Runes can be obtained by combining Crude Ore into Element Ore first, and then using Element Ore to create Storm Runes. 8-)
3.jpg (17.19 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

:arrow: With 10,000 Crude Ore you can either submit it for a Standard Inspection that will produce anywhere from 400 to 600 Element Ore, or spend 3 gems for a Master Inspection to produce 800 to 1,200 Element Ore.
4.jpg (17.46 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

:arrow: After you’ve collected 5,000 Element Ores, you can then refine them and create 5 concentrated crystals. Crystals are the final material to Awaken heroes! So lastly, where can crude ore be harvested?
5.jpg (10.36 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

:lol: :lol: In the current version, you’ll find a new resource in the Gold Mine: Crude Ore. Occupying more gold mines can help you to obtain crude ore more quickly.
The production of crude ore is fixed to produce 319 ore units per hour, regardless of your summoner level.
If you’re looking to up your ore collecting, there’s also a new box on the Summon page called “Arcane Mine of Dwarves”. In this Mine, you can get Element Ores or Element Crystals! Not only a free draw every day, but also 50% OFF for the first 10 Extracts each day! :lol:
So now where can we preview the effect of Awakening on a hero’s stats?

6.jpg (40.54 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

:D By clicking Original/Awaken button, you can preview the changes of Skills after Awakening.
Also you can preview the changes of Skills and Stats by clicking “Preview” button. You’ll notice that there are 5 dots just under the hero icon. These dots represent the 5 awakening levels that all heroes can evolve to. Thus the stats represented on the preview only represent the next level of awakening. :!: :!: Also note that the skill upgrade only requires the first level of awakening, the higher levels don’t add any more skill benefit.

7.jpg (43.65 KiB) Viewed 8548 times

Well, what do you think of the increase in Skills and Stats? Do you like this new ability?

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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby ECOMANIAC » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:40 am

Welcome guys!
Lets do some numbers!

Known facts:
319 Crude Ore per hour maximum
4 mines per player maximum

Giving the following numbers/facts for an average player:
1. 8 hours of sleep per day
2. All mines are gone when you wake up so you start your day with 0 and manage to take 4 mines 2/3 filled
3. Afterwards holding those mines until sleeping time
4. Gaining 800 Element Ore from the free draw per day

This results in 16 * 4 * 319 Crude Ore + 4000 capture of Crude Ore after wake up, is a total of 24416 Crude Ore per day!

1. 24416 Crude Ore equals 1221 Element Ore per day without gems
2. 24416 Crude Ore equals 2442 Element Ore per day with a cost of 7,326 gems per day

Adding an average amount of 800 Element Ore from the free daily draw you have a total of

1. ~2000 Element Ore per day for 0 gems per day
2. ~3250 Element Ore per day for 7,325 gems per day

In Runes this is:
1. 2,00 Runes per day
2. 3,25 Runes per day

With this speed you will be able to upgrade your first 4 heroes (one of each color) to awaken level 1 after:
1. 330 days
2. 203 days (1487 gems spent)

Whit this you can achieve to fully awaken 12 heroes (3 of each color) to awaken level 5 after:
1. 4950 days (~13,56 years)
2. 3046 days (~8,35 years and 22312 gems)


Real hardcore gamers are on a bit different level of facts:
- No sleep and holding 3 mines all day
- Taking 5 full mines every 2,5 hours with attacks
- Buying a 10 draw every day for 150 gems

Those players can achieve around ~80000 Crude Ore per Day
The 10 draw + free draw gives an average of 6 Runes and 5 * 800 Element Ore

80000 Crude ore per day with 24 gems per day for conversion results in 8000 Element Ore + 4000 Element Ore from draws

This leads to 12000 Element Ore per day that matches 12 runes per day for nonstop gold mine raiding and 174 gems per day. Plus the 6 runes from the 10 draw give them 18 runes per day.

So a hardcore gamer will have his first 4 heroes awakened after 38 days with 6612 gems spent!

His first 12 heroes will be fully awakened after 550 days (1.5 years) and 95700 gems spent!


Looking forward to see the first fully unleashed heroes potential in 1.5 years then. Go for it you rich hardcore gamers out there who can achieve that!!! :)

@Sphinx: You should really think these numbers over and you should also think about that most players will not even reach the result of the average player above. Don't get me wrong this feature is very cool, just the amount of time required is a bit stupid :)

@ALL: Sorry if i made some miscalculations at some point, feel free to correct my calculation!
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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby ReversedArcana » Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:47 am

"How do I Awaken my heroes?" Beat them to death with wads of cash.
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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby ECOMANIAC » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:41 am

I did some mistake. The hardcore gamers can do it in 1.5 years. Forgot the 6 runes from the 10 draw per day.

@ReversedArcana: The 2.5 year waiting period was for hardcore players. For regular players it is ~10-14 years.

It is a good thing to have goals to aim for. But those should be reachable within a realistic time frame. And there are people who like to get and max all heroes available. With the current periods, they would not be able to do that even if they spend their whole life trying to achieve that :)

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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby 9DqSv0 » Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:50 am

Eco, you really scare me with those precise number :cry:

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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby 1stSpade » Mon Apr 04, 2016 3:57 am

I like the idea about this awakening, but it seems to me that the boost can be done 5 times and each boost will take way too long time. And the power added will be too strong.

I would much rather prefer a boost that was smaller, but possible to get within a month or two without spending a million dollars or more ...

The way it is now it is best for the people that don't spend money, but have a lot of patience.

Long term it will make it horrible for new players to enter the game, which is probably the worst you can do with a game.
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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby ECOMANIAC » Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:52 am

The only thing horrible for new players is the gold mine and the call for empress since you have to battle players that play much much longer without chance.

New players are driven by catching up to the ones at the top, which is still possible currently. I started 7 months ago and can achieve to Top30 in the Empress Arena now with being lvl150 for a bit over 1 week now. But with awakening taking so long for your team, the players which are playing 1 year longer, will have 1 year advantage. So there should not be anything in the game that gives players a 1 year advantage at all. A few months is ok, but years...

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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby Addis the Great » Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:44 pm

Holy smokes.
Look at those stat bonuses!

Yea, if I was a new player and I saw that function I would uninstall the game immediately.

There is no way to compete with heroes that have been awakened. Way OP.

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Re: How do I Awaken my heroes?

Postby maybethisweight » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:14 pm

Yeah, the way I see it, awakening is like.... we're all capped at level 150... but they've created a way to hit level 200... but it's just not incremental. It's just this big, glittery poof and then you're at 200. A since there are awakening levels there's also level 250... 300.. 350... 400... yeahhh.......... .... ......... ... yeah. Yeah.

Okay but I'm gonna say it now - the gold mines are buggy as hell. I've been raiding them every 2 hours now, and the animations and loading times almost take longer than the battles themselves.
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