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Re: Future of the game

Postby GuentherLR » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:58 am

adding Android users should add more diversity and i like that...same names in DT sometimes more then once in a 21 player round just cause of the higher level bracket is smaller, same with Gold mines. I agree now they need to bump the skill points up to 120. Even though i log in every couple hours now it would be nice in the am after sleep lol. I feel upgrade points is always going to be an issue but i am hopeful it gets better. I get the influx of new players is coming but they need to keep the higher level players engaged as well. I still have some time till my character hits 150 (at 144 now) i think and my main team is in the mid 120's but i have two other teams in the 80-90's area. I dont know how you guys run 2 accts lol. I am a pay player which is how i managed to level up so fast in the last 2 months and made lots of mistakes before i started reading the forums. I wouldn't dream of starting a new account now lol
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