Email Conversation with support

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Email Conversation with support

Postby GuentherLR » Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:44 am

Been in conversation with support and they asked for feedback and suggestions, I know we have mentioned so many things over the last few months and i tried getting all the suggestions into one list. This is what i wrote:
if you want to pass improvement requests to the developers check the forums there have been many requests that have gone unanswered for months...

1) The benefits for reaching lvl 150 are small:
Daily Tasks should offer a lot more gold, add a zero to the end of the current gold amounts. 50,000 gold for completing the arena task instead of 5,000 for example.

2) Gold mines again small amounts at lvl 150 it's no longer worth attacking or even keeping your mine. Add a zero to the end.

3) Warnings for selling rare/epic/legendary gold boxes should be removed that is what they are designed for. Put the Epic and Legendary gold boxes in play with special dungeons 5 & 6. Or make harder dungeons

4) The Gem store is extremely overpriced and obsolete. There is enough availability of armor upgrades in the normal dungeons. Change the store to something of value. Epic and Legendary gold and experience monster s, upgrade stones, rare,epic and Legendary souls. $13 for 10000 stones is ridiculous. Cut the costs down 50-70% for everything to make it worth using gems for.

5) Guilds: the button has been there forever and unused, there is no real effective way to add guilds to this game. Even if you found a way all the lvl 150's would be in the same guild. Thus an unfair advantage.

6)Dragon treasures: Its time consuming for little rewards. Add free resets for Vip levels, and increase the upgrade stone rewards at least by 50%. Make beating the 21st member a rare soul essence prize as well.

7)Bring the Crazy Roulette back once a month. Whats the point of having more chances to roll at higher Vip levels if you don't put it in play.

8)Lower the costs of reaching the Vip levels. Most of the players are kids, it's the adults that pay to play. Seeing a $1000 requirement to level from Vip 7-8 is going to make most people reconsider even playing.

9)The soul essence meter was a great addition it should be added to the ancient box at 50 attempts (2500 gems)for a Legendary.That will work out to $250 spent or 100 days of free attempts either way keeping players interested.

10)Stamina bar: 12 hours for a full stamina bar is fine at lower levels, once you hit lvl 120 its too long. It should be reduced to every 6 hours.

11) Skill points should be increased to 120 at lvl 120 thats when they no longer help being at 60 points.

12)Online combat: Give rewards per match, and display rewards for using online combat on the main page. If there is no goal less people use it. Allow all players in it to fight each other regardless of class level. If i am class C and someone is looking for a fight in class B or A i should have the chance to fight them if i lose, i lose less points then someone i fight in class C if i win I gain more points.

13) In game chat and private messages would be nice.

Listen to your players, go on the forums read what we write. Take interest in what we say. Reward us for showing appreciation for the game, our loyalty and our want to make this game better and more fun. I have read many times that you will reward us for feedback but have yet to see anything. There are 4 main players in the forums trying to help. We comment on almost everything, we are trying to get people interested, get their feedback and we are just players in it for the love of the game.

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Dear summoner, we'll pass your case to our developers see if they can do anything to improve user experience on summoning. I have to say, there must be some way to make the summon mechanism better. if you have any good ideas, we're all ears. thank you for your support and have a nice day.

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Re: Email Conversation with support

Postby GuentherLR » Wed Nov 25, 2015 11:13 am

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Btw the reason I started the conversation with them is because i have spent 7550 gems in to the Ancient box since they added Legendary character availability, while i see some people who spend no money get Legendary characters. Lucky on the draw perhaps ? The only time i have gotten ANY characters from the box was during the first full burst stamina event. Single draws and i got a Roxy and Soul Hound and those were free draws. I have only tracked my purchased draws. 15 10 draws and 16 single draws, of those draws i have gotten hundreds of rare souls The question they asked me was did i have alot of the characters already ? I have 65% of the hero images collected. This is the souls i currently have collected of Legendary and Epic. I have never sold an epic or Legendary soul. Most of these were obtained via 10 draws on the soul box. So tell me after spending over $600 in to the ancient box alone how is that worth it ?
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