it is getting to an endddddd

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Re: it is getting to an endddddd

Postby 1stSpade » Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:56 am

jonnydutch wrote:i have been playing GOS for just over a year now and have enjoyed it, but 1 player is about to make me quit if you ask me and its all over the damn gold mines 1stSpade-com is being such and D*** lol and will not give up my gold mine, spend about 200 gems few weeks back but he only stay off my mine for a day than takes it back, so i stopped spending 20 gems to remove him and now he holds my gold mine for 8 days straight. Its players like this almost makes me want to quit this game and i know others that left this game because of the power houses that just dint care and constantly pillage the people trying to grow.

also if anyone can beat 1stSpade-com your help removing him off my gold mine would be very appreciated.

This is my second account and I almost don't pay attention at all. And I don't even renew my gold there very often. I did leave your Gold Mine now since I'm such a dick
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