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Re: Sturdon

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:05 pm
by Sortilège
Hello Spade,

I was thinking that you never want to talk to me anymore. This is a (good) surprise.
I have never said that my English was good. I don’t speak fluenty, I just try to manage to understand and make me understand. This is always easier when you talk your birth language. I am sure that my English is better than your French, isn’t it ?? :D
Sortilège is a magic cast, a charm or an enchantment. This is also the name of a soft and tasty mix between whisky and maple syrup, a Canadian product of course.
Yes this is it. Whatever, I think that Automatic Google translator is guilty. I understood that you advised me Bolton because he is a physical hero and my team was turned to physical.
Bolton is a good choice, for the lower levels in the Empress Tournament and to rob gold mines versus other physical teams. But versus Chloris, he is useless except perhaps just with the help of Athena : magic shield added to physical shield.
I don’t resentful against you. I asked you for an advice, you gave me one. Athena and Chloris just released, nobody knew at this time how much strong they would be. But of course, I can't help being disappointed of my team. Take a look at Ajax, level 150 for a few days, who were at the first position this afternoon… with 13 awakenings, I just can stay in the top 30 and sometimes reach the top 10… for a few minutes.
I have never blamed you because you have 10 accounts. And because you want the best results for all of it. And by the past, I often took your side when you were attacked on the subject. But I warned you twice on the way to get the best result. Because you have a true power and can develop strategies that would make all the players leave the game.
First time when I noticed that the composition of your teams was changing a lot at the beginning of the EA and that your different accounts fight each other. With the consequence that the weakest account was able to reach some level that, may be, it couldn’t by itself. To me, it wasn’t a fairplay method that’s why I told you. You answered me that the game had just a bug but that the idea was good.
Second time when I noticed that several of your accounts defeated me in a few minutes, kicked me out of the top 30 and the good rewards. We were talking like friends about the event box and I thought I could question you like a friend. It was clumsy from me. Never wanted to hurt, I wrote and I repeat now. I explained with more details in the previous post : to me, you shoudn’t defeat the same player with different accounts in a few minutes. You promote some players and go to hell your victim. With so much accounts, you can play versus a player to make him leave the game or prevent him from improving his level. I have never said that you were doing it on purpose but perharps just because you didn’t realize the effects.
My ambition is to get all the heroes of the game before it stops. But having 10 accounts is a tremendous work. I don’t like the game enough to restart to level 3 with other accounts. I know that you like this game very much, I don’t know why. Because, to me, the game is too much unbalanced and focused on only too many heroes. And I don’t think that Sphinx wants to do something to solve this.

Re: Sturdon

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:19 am
by Sortilège
Ok Spade, I received your ansewer, very clear and sharp : 15 positions lost in one minute, allo guiness book !!

So this is my last words on the forum.

Pictures :
This week : your feats on two days
Last week : one day

Re: Sturdon

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:20 am
by Sortilège