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[expletive]spade - best nickname ever

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:49 am
by Tireksio
I saw yesterday fantastic nickname and I decided to change mine too.. (“anddeveloperstoo”), maybe a good idea to make small competition for most inventive nickname to show how much we love our puppet master spade and lazy slack and without imagination developers.. they focus on minor improvements instead solving main problems - 5-6 accounts from this same player in top 10 emperess.. spade in this case.. hate against balance disturbing is growing and now most high ranked players have seen enough how spade works to have own opinion.. let it hear it..

Re: [expletive]spade - best nickname ever

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:33 am
by Talizorah
Topic title updated, as it was in violation of forum rules for avoiding filter. This will be the only verbal warning.

Feel free to discuss. Even though GOS is a 17+ game, please avoid saying or hinting at what the word is. This forum is viewed by players of all ages, as other Sphinx games hold a 4+ age rating.

Re: [expletive]spade - best nickname ever

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:19 pm
by Tireksio
You know, be useful and please do like the rest developers- do what you want and spare me yrs “sorry” or other inventive answers. Solve main issues read spade and in meanwhile go.....

Re: [expletive]spade - best nickname ever

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:21 pm
by Tireksio
And where I can read about rules for developers?

Re: [expletive]spade - best nickname ever

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:17 am
by Talizorah
The forum rules can be found at:


The FAQ is about as close to rules as you get for GoS.

As far as if there are any rules that govern the decisions the devs make, I do not know. You can try emailing them at

I am just another player like you, volunteering my time to help out on the forum. I am not a developer nor am I employed by Sphinx. I only have access to the same information as you, and I too have fallen victim to Spades alt army. I fight daily just to try and stay in the top 30 ranking in Empress lol.

My personal opinion is this: everyone has the same opportunity to create alts and spend as much money on them as they like. While the strategy of team hits by alts, knocking players 10-15 spots in mere minutes doesn't make you feel very good, a guild with good communication and strength could manage the same thing.

There are no rules against it, and within the means of the game, everyone has equal opportunity to achieve exactly what Spade has, whether or not they have the financial ability and time to do it.

I do not like it, but it is part of the game. I do not like that you can multiple of the same heroes in Empress (here's looking at you Hanzo, and Anubis before the nerf), but it's part of the game and player strategy has adapted to find a way to beat it. The same with the alt strategy, eventually players will have a strategy to defeat it.

Re: [expletive]spade - best nickname ever

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:50 am
by Sortilège
I agree with you 1st Spade do nothing that is forbidden by the game but I am not a serious opponent for him.
I just want to react about the way followed by such a players with a curious name or a curious avatar. I saw that a player choices B Mussolini who caused the world war 2. I don't approve this choice which shouldn't being inside a game.