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Postby Sortilège » Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:15 am

I wish to complete my last answer.

First of all, I want to say that I never wanted this, to hurt. Some players, by the past, said things much worst that I wrote. You used to answer to explain your point of view. Not this time, a hot reaction for sure too quick and wrote with anger. I am not a rude man.

After, you have 10 accounts and 200 shots to keep or improve your positions. And beyond a kind of level, you can defeat anybody. So I don’t understand how Rezzik and Ajax could be a threat for you or too hard to defeat. Rezzik awoke epic heroes and Ajax hasn’t still level 150. I don’t disrespect to Ajax or Rezzik, players who try to do the best, like me.
So to me, you can defeat all the players that you wish mostly with your experience of the game. And when I see Iron-Man climbs from the 32th to the 8th position in a few minutes, I think I am true.
If you defeat always the same player with several accounts in a few minutes, you give advantage to the others players – you help them – and give disadvantage to the player that you defeat. In other words, you have a big responsibility and you can rot life of a player willingly or not. I think you can understand this.

Another thing, you told that you always go to the same team. Indeed, X-men and Iron-man have the same team. I willingly believe you if I see the composition of the top players. But you always have about 5 and 6 accounts in the top 10 of the Empress Arena. What do you want more ? to have the 10 first positions ? What about the other players, we can play the game too ?
Some players – Spartak – have a different team and are able to get good results. I saw Spartak at the second place last week.

You talked about trust. To me, trust is a fragile thing, something you need to deserve for sure, something you can win, something you can loose.

I give you advices on the forum and answer to your questions but, sorry man, in the game, you are the first one I push down…. It’s so easy to defeat you, you can understand for sure. Twice in a few minutes. It kicked you out of the top 30 but it doesn’t matter.

And perharps you don’t remember that a few months ago, I asked you for advices about a new legend I needed to complete my team. I was wondering about Sturdon, Chloris, Athena and Bolton. You told me Bolton and I followed you. Good choice, no top players use him anymore. But everybody got Athena once or twice. Chloris has a good success too. I am happy, my Athena has only five stars, she’s in late in her development.

May be, by now, you better understand my words and doubts.

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