Is it possible?

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Is it possible?

Postby AliceHedin » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:22 pm

can you become a top tier player without spending a dime? I'd ask how but I suppose most would not give up such a secret.. so I'm most curious of it is possible, and be honest to the best of your knowledge

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Re: Is it possible?

Postby Talizorah » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:48 pm

Hello Alice,

It depends on your definition of top tier. If by top tier, you mean by player score, then yes, it is very possible with solid dedication and patience. If you mean by PvP score, that will take much, much more patients and time as the fastest way to accumulate PvP points is to spend money to warp in, hit the defending player, take the debris and warp away. A very costly strategy, but necessary if you want to keep your PvP in the top 10 on any given server.

As for score. All that is needed is more accounts. Currently the best way to go about this is to create your 3 accounts per device on each server. Whenever your main server merges with another, you main account gains 3 more accounts you can controllably farm. It is very realistic to build farm account up to 5-10M PS with a full 10 planets and lvl 30+ mines without spending any money. With constant vigilance and dedication, as well as feeding res from your main account, you can accomplish building up each alt (even multiple at a time) within a few months time. 8 farms with 10 planets and lvl30+ mines, provided you can collect all the res, and not lose too much to other players, will give your main account well over 2 million score growth per week. On the newer servers, this will keep you in the top 25 for sure, as well as provide a means of building up and maintaining large fleets.

This game is actually one of the better free to play games as you can build and rebuild without spending money.if you want to set off fleet hunting every night, that is where it'll cost you. You do get DM every day through your daily collection, and that will get you some relocation cards over time, but typically not enough to stay competitive in the PvP leaderboard. But if score is what you care for, and killing fleets is a secondary priority, it's is very possible to spend no money at all and be very successful. I know players that have been here since the game launched that have never spent a dime and in the upper ranks, as well as the most competitive here.

Partly, I'd say many of the player who have stuck with the game spend less per month than those who quit between 3-6 months of playing. Longevity comes with building up your infrastructure and having a good solid farm account base to fall back on after a wipe. Alt FS and DS FS keeps fleets too large to land up in the air indefinitely, and the 1B res per fleet means you can stockpile enough gas to actually use your fleet short range.

I cannot stress the importance of having that solid farm base to keep you up and running. Without that, you'll burn out as fast as most wallet warriors. Couple the farms with the drive to bounce back from a wipe (which is nothing anymore thanks to the revamped repair system released last year), and you'll have what it takes to make it to the top.

Disclaimer: don't expect to start your main account as a new account on any server older than a year and ever expect to crack their top 25 in either category. They have just been at it too long and have such a well developed infrastructure and farm system to catch up.

As a new player, start on the newest server, and create your farm accounts on the older servers, that way when you merge with them, you'll have brand new farms just waiting to start pumping up your main, and it'll give you a competitive edge over the others from your server merging in.

I wish you the best of luck!

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