Just a few things I've noticed so far

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Just a few things I've noticed so far

Postby UseAsDirected » Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:48 am


I've been enjoying your game but found a few things that should be fixed or improved.

1) Resources should be on a tick system, every 15 minutes (example) you should get x amount and that amount should be based off the level of the mine. If you do not have enough power the mine should throttle itself and lower the amount until full power is restored.

2) When attacking / spying they should be considered the same thing, who in their right mind will send probes to attack...dumb. I have 3 failed attacks because I figured it was the same thing since the mail does not have a button for SPY.
2a) Add a button which allows you to go to the planet in the mail and/or make a spy button.

3) When you attack a planet and send Recovery ships along the ships should automatically collect the debris after the battle....

4) Should be able to build more than 1 type of ship at a time, the layout should be more of a list of ships you can build and the amount on the right -

Picture of ship - Information button on ship (I'd do a I button which gives the stats to make it clean) - Cost of ship - Max amount you can create

There should be a drag bar for the amount you want to make which lowers the amount you can make of other ships (on the fly calculation) so if someone wants to build 5 light and 10 heavy and 1 cruiser they can do so at the same time.

5) Sharing information should be able to a specific person no just FRIENDS or ALLIANCE since sometimes they include Cords which can be used against you.....

6) Working with tapjoy on the free dark matter.


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Re: Just a few things I've noticed so far

Postby traffer » Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:48 am

1) bullshit
2) bullshit
3) bullshit
4) bullshit
5) bullshit
6) bullshit
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Just a few things I've noticed so far

Postby Talizorah » Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:25 pm

1) this system already exists. The tick is approximately every 15s.
2) Attacking off a spy report is not always the best option, unless you took the spy report yourself. Its simple enough to type in the coords at click the "spy" button. The ship load screens are different for attacking, spying, and recovering debris.
3) Why would you even want to slow your attack down with recovery ships? If it is really so much of an issue, send a single cruiser in advance to make debris so you can launch your recs at the same time as your real fleet. I dont care how much you boost the recs, your fleet will still beat them to the planet. Also, This was designed balancing mechanic, meant to give the defender (who probably lost everything) a chance to speed build some recs and recover the debris before the attacker can make off with it.
4) At least this game allows you to buy a dual production card. Most other games of similar type dont even allow that. This part of the system works just fine. Go build another planet if you want to build additional ships simultaneously.
5) This is probably your only credible suggestion. Just keep a very filtered friends list if you dont trust your alliance. This game is very political, and if you do not like that, then perhaps this is not the right game type for you.
6) DM is pricy, but balanced for what it offers in game. Patience is a virtue my friend.

Enjoy the answers!! :D

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