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Developer Updates Timeline

Postby Support Team » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:21 am

Sep 23, 2013 / v1.3.0.0037
New update:
Fixed bugs of inaccurate Push Notification for arrived fleets
Fixed bugs of reserving gas on planet when sending fleets
Revised descriptions of Ion Cannon, Radar Station, Small Cargo Ship, Large Cargo Ship, Shipyard and Research Lab

Next update:
Fleet Repair Tech
As fleets get bigger and fights between galaxies become fiercer we have been forced to look to more advanced technology to aid our efforts. In our search for power we have found a way to gain the upper hand through Fleet Repair. The Fleet Repair Tech allows you to repair fleets that have been lost in battle. The repairs take time but once they are complete your ships can return to battle again. For every level upgrade the amount of ships that are repaired is increased by 10%.

July 23 / v1.2.9.0012
"New Commander Protection
If the attack is under the following condition, Defender will be given a shield for protection.
1. Score(Score Rank) of Defender is lower than 5000.
2. Attacker's Score is greater than Defender's Score.
3. Resources that being plundered and Resources for building the damaged fleets are greater than 5000.
Time of protection depends on how many resources (Plundered Resources and Fleets Damage) you lost. The more resources you lost, the longer it will be. "

"Joint Strike
You can invite your friends to Joint Strike."

You can send your fleets together with Colony Ship. When arrived, your fleets will be deployed to that colonized planet. "

"Fleet Building Limit
The maximum number battleships that you can build at a time is changed from 1,000 to 99,999."

"Account Registration
Added Warning of changing guest account to official account."

"Global Chat
In Global Chat, you can add any player into your blacklist, and you will never see his words in Global Chat anymore."

"Bug fixes."

July 18 / v1.2.9.0008

Alliance UI is changed."

"Alliance Officer
Alliance Officer are able to edit or publish information on the alliance boards (internal & external), approve alliance applications, and empower members, Only Admiral has the power to fire Alliance Members.
There are four ranks in Alliance Officer: Admiral, Captain, Diplomat, and Adviser."

"Alliance Board
Alliance Board is a notice board for Alliance. Officers who have privilege will be able to edit it. "

"Spy Probe
Capacity of Spy Probe is reduced, from 5 to 1."

"Nanite Factory
Level Cap for Natie Factory is changed to level 3."

"Alliance Member
Basic limitation of Alliance Member is changed, from 20 to 50. VIP bonus will still has its effect. "

"Bugs fixes."

July 10 / v1.2.9.0006

"Joint Strike
UI of Joint Strike is adjusted. Added an detail info that introduces Joint Strike."

"Radar Station
UI of Radar Station is changed. In this new UI, you will be able to see info of coming fleets."

"Bug fixes."

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